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Wake and Shake

Wake and Shake - Track 3 and cool down

Wake and Shake - Track 2

Wake and Shake - Track 1

Move and Groove

Wednesday 3rd February

Year 2 Wake and Shake - Lollipop

Wednesday 3rd February

Year 2 Wake and Shake - Wakka Wakka

Tuesday 2nd February

Year 2 - Wake and Shake - The Locomotion

Tuesday 2nd February

Year 2 - Wake and Shake - When The Going Gets Tough

Year 5/6 Wake and Shake

UPDATE (9.6.20): Nafferton to London using the Bray Way...completed. Congratulations!

UPDATE (13.5.20): How are you progressing on your route to London?



Watch this to discover the challenge that awaits you...


Challenge accepted: AJ / Daniel (6.5.20)

Challenge accepted: Samuel (12.5.20)

What's going on?!

Here at Nafferton, we had this little idea to keep us all fit during a period whereby gluing ourselves to the sofa is a very tempting thought. Mrs Bray and the team decided that this was just not good enough!
The staff and you are being challenged to race from Nafferton to London. Do it quickly or moderately. It doesn't matter how you get there, just get there if you can. 



As you have seen from our wonderful staff videos, you can walk, bike, run or even scooter the distances. If you aren't able get out, get your creative juices flowing like Mr "Mo" Murray and work something else out. You can do it as family or individually. You should really keep a log and record of dates and distances travelled to make sure you keep a track record.



1. To stay fit and healthy, of course!

2. We aim to support charities locally and this will be decided with your help. There will be more to follow with regards to this and a page set up for donations, but all in good time.


How far is it?

The Distance as the crow flies directly is 171 miles (275.2km) or approximately 362,100 steps on your counters. 


How do I sign up?

Wow, you're keen! We like that.  Send in your photographs to with a drawing/picture saying "challenge accepted" in your fitness-wear or send in a short video of a Rocky-styled motivational clip to inspire others.


When do I start?

On your marks.....

........get set......