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Nafferton Primary School is a hive of learning, fun, making and creativity. Children grow and learn in an engaging, purposeful and safe environment. Our children appreciate the world around them, embrace their curiosity and develop their understanding of our diverse world. HARVEST incorporates all these elements including our Yorkshire Spirit curriculum, SMSC, RSE and Investors in Pupils

 We expect all our children to know the HARVEST logo:








Yorkshire Spirit

Yorkshire Spirit is our PSHE curriculum – we believe that all children should learn resilience, responsibility, resourcefulness, reasoning and reflectivity. These 5Rs are threaded through our Nafferton community and embedded in the experiences and teaching that our children access.  Our Yorkshire Sprit Curriculum has a different focus for each half term:

Healthy Lunches:

Being healthy is essential for enabling children to develop and reach their true potential. At Nafferton we cook a wide range of food for the children, including plenty of fruit and vegetables and we encourage healthy packed lunches for those children that bring in their own lunch. We also recognise the importance of good table manners and social interaction whilst eating lunch – ensuring mealtimes are met with joy and enthusiasm.

Ideas for a healthy packed lunch:

  • Baked crisps
  • Vegetable sticks
  • Water
  • Wholemeal bread
  • Fruit

 healthy-packed-lunch-ideas – Geashill National School

Circle Time:

Each class completes a weekly circle time. Our Yorkshire Spirit curriculum is taught through the circle time but teachers are able to adapt and direct circle time according to the needs of their class during that particular week. Following whole school training from Jenny Mosely, our circle times begin with a variety of games – aimed to develop children socially and emotionally. Our circle time is child led, encouraging children to develop their speaking and listening skills as well as their social and emotional understanding.


The Colour Monster Pop-Up 

The Colour Monster:

The Colour Monsters are introduced to the whole school in September. Each monster has a different feeling which is represented by a variety of colours– the children are encouraged to discuss their emotions and relate them to the corresponding colour.  Colour Monsters, created by the children, can be found around school. Each class also has a jar of feelings – teachers can use this jar during circle time and , when required, with their class.

The Colour Monster -







Due to government changes from September 2019 we will be following the Christopher Winter Scheme which is focused on relationships. 





Due to Covid 19, we are delayed in beginning our new RSE format. We have completed a staff consultation and we have our resources prepared however we need to complete our parent consultation once normality has resumed!   



Investors in Pupils

What is Investors in Pupils?    
Investors in Pupils (IIP) is a quality award which is very highly valued within schools and by Ofsted. It is built on the principle of valuing pupils views and opinions and giving them a voice in the running of school. The 5 main areas of Investors in Pupils are: 

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Classroom Management
  • Learning
  • Induction

It is important for our children as it helps them to know: 

  • how they can contribute towards their own learning by increasing their motivation and working as a team.
  • the roles and responsibilities of everyone at Nafferton.
  • why they need to come to school and the importance of attending every day.
  • about the school budget, the costs of resources and being responsible in helping to cut the school expenditure.
  • who our Governors are and what they do.
  • how to look after new children and staff in school.
  • the benefits of making good choices.
  • that they are an important part of their class/school.

Each class decides on their own class rules, class targets, individual targets which are displayed and regularly reviewed. Termly Reward days are provided for those children who have achieved their personal targets. IIP has many cross curricular links and involves all members of Nafferton School. Every week an attendance teddy is given to the class with the best attendance record. The school council is a huge part of the IIP award as they are the voice of all the pupils.

PRESS RELEASE: Nafferton Primary School recognised in The Parliamentary Review
The Parliamentary Review is an entirely apolitical publication, as demonstrated by the fact that its two co-chairmen, Lord Blunkett and Lord Pickles, once sat on different sides of the House of Commons and now do so in the Lords. The organisations who write for The Review are – for the most part – apolitical themselves, although some are unapologetically forthright with their views of certain political parties or individuals. This makes for a fascinating series of articles to suit your tastes and challenge your convictions.
Success for organisations of any size does not always come easily, and The Parliamentary Review is indispensable for anyone who seeks to make a difference in their sector. It highlights significant developments and concerns for leaders up and down the country.
Lord Pickles, co-chairman of The Review, has stated that now more than ever it is "critical that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones" and this article from Nafferton Primary School is a great way of delivering that.
The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove says “this year’s Parliamentary review comes at a momentous time for parliament, as we collectively determine the destiny of the United Kingdom.”
Our article can be viewed here: