Pupil Voice

School Council

At Nafferton,  every pupil in the whole school has had the opportunity to vote and elect a classmate to represent them on the School Council. This is a very important job as being on the School Council means you are the voice and representative for all students at Nafferton. This is a big responsibility- but it is also a lot of fun and very rewarding!

The School Council represents all students throughout the school and allows them to have an opinion and say on their learning, the playground, fundraising, the resources they use in lessons and other important areas that matter to them.

Every student thought very carefully about the qualities needed to be on the School Council before they voted for their representative. These qualities include good listening, patience, good communication, creativity, resilience and hard work!

Our School Council meets every month, and has an agenda which sets out all the different areas for improvement the School Council will address. All decisions are made by children with the best interests of all pupils at heart. The School Council members each get to wear their badge with pride and their photograph is displayed in the library – alongside an introduction to them.


Roles and Responsibilities

During the Autumn Term, Year  6 pupils apply for various jobs for Nafferton Primary’s ‘Responsibilities’ list. These responsibilities play a key role in: supporting the teaching and learning at Nafferton; ensuring the playground is a happy and calm place for children to play and participate in sports; ensuring the school library and ICT suite is organised and utilised allowing all children to access them; maintaining a sustainable school through eco-monitoring and gardening roles; and supporting staff by helping out with younger children or taking up responsibilities within the classroom.

Students complete an application form and are shortlisted for each position.


House Captains

In Year 6, children have the opportunity to apply for a House Captain position. Each sports team colour, has two House Captains. During Parliament Week, the children from Year 4 – 6 can vote for their chosen House Captain. The House Captain must create their own campaign materials, explaining which qualities they have that will make them an exceptional captain. They each present their campaign to the rest of the school and then every child from Year 4 – 6 anonymously  votes for their chosen candidate. Once elected, the House Captains work alongside the Sports Ambassadors to organise PE equipment and Sports Day. When visitors come to school, the House Captains represent the pupils and showcase our school values. They also enjoy afternoon tea with Mr J!

Sports Ambassadors

The Sports Ambassadors are chosen by the teachers, they are children who have shown excellent team spirit, skills and cooperation during Games and PE lessons . The Sports Ambassadors receive a special sports hoody which they can wear as part of their school uniform and they support teachers during PE, Games, Wake and Shake and Sports Day.