Religious Education

At Nafferton School, we follow the locally agreed syllabus – teaching Christianity each year plus one other focus religion. The focus religions are rotated on a four year cycle; the world religions we teach are Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Each year, we hold a two day event to launch into that year’s world religion. The idea of these days is to immerse the children into the culture and understanding of the religion – learning about the traditional practices and traditions. The children also have the opportunity to meet visitors from the religion to discuss everyday practice and for our visitors to share their faith with the children. These launch days engage and enthuse the children into the religion and give them a deeper understanding of the aspects of the religion and its impact around the world.

Although we are not a faith school, we have close links with the two churches in Nafferton village – with regular visits and assemblies from the priest and ministers. Every week, we hold an assembly in our local church and we hold a number of whole school celebrations at the two churches throughout the year, including Harvest Festival, Remembrance Day, Christingle, Christmas and Easter.