Wellbeing is of upmost importance here at Nafferton, particularly since Lockdown and Covid 19. Our values focus on the development of children’s emotional and social understanding ensuring they are happy and secure in their learning environment. We believe this enables them to learn more effectively, resulting in a resilient and well-rounded individual. Our children’s wellbeing is crucial in all that we do; it is embedded throughout our daily practice. The children are taught different life skills through Forest Schools, gardening, building/playground equipment, baking, daily exercise (the Bray Way), bird watching, Wake and Shake and a wealth of different clubs.

For those children who require more wellbeing, we offer Wellbeing Time on the Bray Way – each week the children have time to walk with an adult and have a chat about things. In addition to this, we also have My time… this involves children working with an experienced adult, using the time to meet any needs the child has. My time… could be time to talk, time to bake, time to walk, time to garden and focuses on the needs of the child and ensuring they are having the time and attention that they require.

Wellbeing is threaded throughout our curriculum and everyday practice. We also have a Wellbeing week which is based around a book: The horse, the boy, the fox and the mole (Key Stage Two) and Only One You (Key Stage One) to secure and embed our values and social, emotion and moral understanding.