Welcome to the Foundation stage - Dormice and Field Mice

Dormice and Field mice Promise

In our class we listen to one another.

We have kind words, hands and feet.

We use our manners and look after each other.

We work hard to learn every day.

Here are foundation singing and signing Christmas songs

The Gruffalo

We made toadstool pizzas, told the story using story spoons, created a story map and painted and sketched The Gruffalo

Stickman Themed Week 

We created our own stick men, acted out the story, made swan nest crispy buns and went on a stickman walk

Skittles experiment

Outdoor hot chocolate stand

Rainbow Ribbon gross motor skills

STEM week - investigating melting and making chocolate crispie buns

Meeting Simon the Scientist

Estimating in maths - scooping sweets and filling containers

Designing sweet wrappers

Making salt dough sweets and chocolate playdough 

Tasting apple crumble

Soup making

Investigating vegetables

Our Harvest walk around the village

Our first week in Foundation