Kestrel’s Mission Statement

Kestrel’s Mission Statement is to be kind to everyone. Always put your hand up when you have something to contribute without interrupting each other. Respect each others opinions and listen to others when they are talking. Make sure everyone is involved and no one is left out. We must always celebrate our differences and recognise each others strengths.

This year, we must remember to keep washing our hands and give each other space.



History Day

Making Christmas Cards

Maths - Fraction Calculations

The Great Exhibition 

DT - Victorian House Project

Gymnastics - large apparatus

Steel Pans

Year 5 & 6 trip to the National Railway Museum in York

Rugby with Hull FC

Investigating circuits in science

STEM week 

Designing and building bridges

Some pictures from Black & White Day

Practising bridges in gymnastics

Some pictures from our Harvest festival

Harvest walk around the village 

Science - testing water resistance

Science- Investigating friction