Our Mission Statement

We are Skylarks!

We are respectful and resilient. We are helpful and kind. We will aim to be happy and make each other happy.

We are proud of our work and responsible learners. We are excellent listeners who look after each other.

Cooperatively, we create an environment that is friendly, fun, safe and happy.

We are always ready to learn!

Our Class Rules

Treat each other how you would want to be treated

Be respectful to one another by being polite and listening to everyone

 If somebody is sad, offer your help

 Always be kind to everyone

 Always respect your classmates and teacher by talking at the appropriate time

 Be responsible learners, for example, looking after our equipment and keeping safe

 Always keep our cloakroom and classroom tidy

 Always wash our hands, for example, before eating and after going to the bathroom, blowing our nose or coughing

 Always walk in the classroom and around the school and follow the playtime rules

 Always use our water bottles sensibly and at appropriate times


We promise we will adhere to these rules to make our classroom a respectful and happy environment in which we can learn and grow.


Italian Day

History Day

Science - investigating circuits and switches

Year 3/4 Remembrance

Investigating changing state from solid to liquid - measuring temperature and time taken to melt.

Exploring the apparatus in gymnastics