Our Mission Statement

As Buzzards, we aim to be respectful, kind and resilient learners who promote an inclusive outlook to activities both inside and outside of the classroom. We care for one another and ourselves by respecting each other’s property and space. If we are stuck, we put our hands up and demonstrate good listening skills. Most importantly, we try our best, smile and have fun whilst learning.

Buzzard Class Rules


Don’t rock on your chair

Try your best

Put your hand up

Don’t talk when other people are talking

Do your homework

Wash your hands

Be sensible

Be kind to one another

Making Christmas Cards

The Great Exhibition


Investigating circuits

Steel Pans

Year 5 & 6 visit to the National Railway Museum in York

STEM week 

Designing and building bridges

Some pictures from our Harvest festival

Harvest walk around the village

Science - Water resistance

Science - Investigating friction

Maths- shape

Maths - representing numbers