Nafferton Primary School

"Where Childhood Matters"


Welcome to the Foundation stage - Field Mice, Harvest Mice & Dormice

Foundation minibeast hunt

Year 1 - learning about Captain Sir Tom Moore

100 Steps on the playground 

w/c 5th May 

Non-fiction reading outdoors

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Year 1 - Hedge Planting 

Year 1 - making equal groups

Outdoor Maths

Jack and the Beanstalk display

Some pictures from Foundation PE

Outdoor play in the sunshine with year 1

Busy Time in foundation and year one

Year 1 - Maths

Year 1 - math - representing numbers to 50 and science - sorting animals, learning about carnivores/ omnivores and herbivores.

Africa theme in EYFS

Playdough maths - making a variety of numbers!

Bird spotting using our binocular designs

Pictures of the provision for Africa theme in EYFS

Chinese New Year - cooking and celebrations

Children in Need walk on the Bray Way

Autumn Walk -  spotting signs of Autumn and collecting these items

Autumn 1 photos - travelling, negotiating space and mirroring movements

Year 1 science - labelling body parts. 

Year 1 maths - representing numbers to 10

Foundation - outdoor mark making

Here are some Mice photos from PE, learning how to travel in different ways and negotiating space. We also did a yoga cool down. Namaste.