In Foundation & KS1 we follow the letters and sounds programme to deliver Phonics.
This document is supplemented by a range of materials to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.

SPACE - Whatever next...

Spring Phase Christmas party

Christmas Lunch in Christmas Jumpers 


Christmas - Stay and Create

Queen of Hearts - Jam Tarts

Alice in Wonderland


Road Safety Awareness Week 

Children In Need 2019

Bonfire night

Diwali week

Our Autumn Walk


Taking food to the food bank, chopping vegetables and eating harvest vegetable soup


Book of the Week: The Hungry Caterpillar 

Our Book of the Week this week is The Three Little Pigs.  

Balance Bikes

Creating shapes on the playground


Our Book of the Week this week was My Five Senses 

Below are some images of children exploring with their senses.

Potting Plants

Book of the week: Kippers Birthday

Book of the week: Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man baking

Going on a Bear Hunt

Parachute games and listening to instructions