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In Foundation & KS1 we follow the letters and sounds programme to deliver Phonics.
This document is supplemented by a range of materials to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.

Mice - our trip to Dalby Forest

Mice - Hindu Days celebrations

Children enjoying their cycling circuit for Cycle4life week

Nafferton's Got Talent auditions

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Fieldmice collecting and representing data in different ways

Fieldmice learning about symmetry in different ways 

Launch Day

Easter Bonnet Parade and Easter Stay and Create


Pancake Day in Foundation

The children in foundation stage made and tasted pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.




As part of our topic launch, all of Spring Phase boarded a plane to travel to The Arctic.  First, children needed to make sure they had the appropriate clothing and valid passport and boarding ticket.  They were checked at passport control prior to boarding flight 1376.  After an exciting plane journey including in-flight entertainment, the children had arrived!

While at The Arctic, the children took part in a variety of enjoyable  activities including: snowy dancing and playing musical instruments to perform to others, a fishing word game, hunting for polar bear clues to solve the puzzle, making ice decorations while learning about the science behind freezing, winter poetry and warming up with hot chocolate and stories.

The children had a wonderful day at The Arctic and covered all areas of learning whilst there!

Christmas Party!

Christmas Lunch

Christingle Service

Stay and Create Afternoon 

What a wonderful afternoon the children had when parents were invited in to school to 'stay and create'.  It was an opportunity to spend quality time with their child making Christmas crafts.  The children made Christmas cards, wreaths, Christmas playdough, Christmassy biscuits and even snow!  To complete the afternoon, the children sang some Christmas songs (with actions!) for the parents.  Happy Christmas!  

Also, a BIG thank you to the House Captains for helping with the event.

Balance Bikes


Thank you for the food afternoon


Harvest Festival

We learnt about Harvest and then thought about others who have less than us.  We made a food collection and took it to the church.  We then joined with Year 1 to taste and find out about foods from around the world.  We had a fabulous afternoon trying some foods that we had not tried before and learning where these foods came from.

Gruffalo Crumble

Whilst outside looking for signs of autumn, strange footprints appeared in the classroom.  This led to a big discussion about where they had come from and who they could belong to.  They were too big to belong to us!  The children decided they must belong to the Gruffalo.  Lots of Gruffalo related activities followed.  The week ended by making and eating Gruffalo crumble!  Yum!  We hope he visits again soon. 

Looking for signs of autumn.

Mice had a lovely time in the outdoor area exploring and looking for signs of autumn.  They found leaves of different sizes and colours as well as seeds.  We talked about them and compared them.

EYFS - Mice

Pyjama Night

What an exciting time the children had whilst mums and dads were at the reading meeting.  Dressed in their pyjamas, the children were invited to hear bedtime stories, drink cocoa and finally there was a game of sleeping lions..... zzzzz  Enter text...

Foundation trip to Dalby Forest - Thursday 28th June, 2018

Foundation had glorious weather for their trip to Dalby Forest. They met year 5 in the woods to listen to their stories of a water droplet and they searched for minibeasts and looked for life in the streams with nets!

Chinese New Year! 6th February, 2018

The Field mice and Dormice celebrated Chinese New Year in style just before half term with a variety of activities. It was the Year of the Dog this year and they learn all about the race and the order in which the animals finished. They had coloured Lanterns, tried Chinese food, made a dragon outside, received a fortune cookie and used chop sticks. The children also had a role play area made especially to celebrate Chinese New Year! Gung Hei Fat Choi! (That's Chinese for Happy New Year)

TRIP: Foundation Stage visit The Deep

Foundation Stage visited the the Deep on Monday 22nd January, 2018 as part of enhancing their learning of their topic this term. The children were superbly behaved and enjoyed the sights, scenes and activities put on especially for them.

Christingle Service 15th December 2017

Balance Bikes

Dormice & Field Mice dressed up for our Nativity

Fun in the Snow. 30th November 2017



Diwali with Dormice and Field Mice

Dormice and Field Mice celebrated Diwali by making burfi sweets and salt dough Rangoli patterns and using the character story masks to act out the story.

Food for the Food Bank

Dormice & Field Mice walked to church to deliver the food they had brought for the food bank. As part of our work on Harvest we thought about where our food came from and how we could help others less fortunate than ourselves.

Gingerbread Men

In Foundation we've been making gingerbread men. Yummy! We've also been designing gingerbread men, and making some from playdough and decorating them.

Sharing the love of reading.

Reading for fun and pleasure is a key aim at our school. Children from Y5 took advantage of some lovely weather to share some of their favourite books with the reception children – a good time was had by all!

A visit from Tesco

A visit from Tesco helps the children to make snails and fish from fruits and vegetables.

Disecting owl pellets

Enjoying the snowy weather

Celebrating Chinese New Year

A visit from some guinea pigs and a bearded dragon

Kitten visitors

Christingle Service

We made our Christingles, then took them with us to the service at Nafferton Methodist Church on 9th December.