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Newsletters 2018/19

Seed investigation

We worked in groups to investigate different seeds and where they can be found. We cut up fruit and vegetables to discover the seeds. We recorded our observations and used magnifying glasses to look closely at the seeds.


Bog Baby hunt

Today we found a Bog Baby! Miss Whelan told us that one had been spotted around school. We discovered a magical glitter trail which led us to the top playground and the gardening area. The children in Foundation were very curious so they joined us on our hunt.  We searched quietly as Bog Baby does not like lots of noise! We found him hiding behind a rock. Afterwards we read the book Bog Baby under the trees in Bog Baby’s habitat.


This week we are creating our own Bog Babies and writing about them in class!


Robins - tree identification

Robins - seed planting

Topic launch day - Into The Woods!