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Year 3


2D outside maths

Tophill Low school visit

Fractions on a number line

Fractions of amounts

Swallows - Perimeter

St George's Day drama

St George's Day Maths

Swallows Launch Day - Into The Woods!

Year 3 and 4 dressed up in Edwardian clothing and 'traveled back in time' to the time of WW1 at Sewerby House.  They learnt how a house like Sewerby would be managed in Edwardian times and what impact the war had on people of that time.

Harvest Soup Kitchen 

Year 3 and 4 prepared and cooked vegetables to make delicious soup and bread rolls in their Harvest Kitchen.

Italian Evening with Year 3/4

Parents were invited to an evening of entertainment, Italian food and an exhibition of all the fantastic projects worked on by the Year 3/4s as part of their Italian project.

Year 3/4 Roman Life - 14th March, 2018

Today Year 3/4 Skylarks learned about Roman money and food - looking at Roman coins and enjoying the taste of sausages, bread and (pretend) wine!

Year 3/4 Pizza Making day! 13th March, 2018

Year 3/4 made pizza today in DT as part of their Italian theme. They made dough from scratch and sliced various toppings. When the dough was proved they shaped their pizza bases and chose their favourite toppings! After cooking the pizza they got to taste their creations and then they evaluated what they had made.

Year 3 - Trip to Murton Park - Monday 5th March, 2018

Year 3/4 went to Murton Park, to the Roman Auxillary fort called Brigantium. The duty centurion there got us to sign contracts to be new recruits to the Roman Army. We were given a uniform, helmet, spear and shield and were put through our paces learning how a fort was built and laid out before we learned the skills of weapons training (using dummy weapons!) We also did guard duty, craft work, and parade ground drill. At the end of the day we were proud to earn our day’s pay and diploma.

Skylarks Poems - 1st March, 2018

Poems inspired by the Snow Day at Nafferton.

 snow_by_sam_d (1).docxDownload
 snow_day_by_harry_r (1).docxDownload
 snow_poem_by (1).docxDownload
 snow_poem_by_archie (1).docxDownload
 snow_poem_by_ben_h (1).docxDownload
 snow_poem_by_harrison (1).docxDownload
 snow_poem_by_jess_r (1).docxDownload
 snow_poem_by_will_r (1).docxDownload
 winter_poem_by_izzy_b (1).docxDownload
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Skylarks learning about fractions through the aid of PIZZA!

Swallows - Performance Poetry pictures

Swallows: Archaeological toolbelts

Skylarks: Science Rocks

In science we have been learning about rocks.

Skylarks History: Foraging

This term our history topic is the Stone Age. We were learning about what people ate in the Stone Age and we discovered that they were hunter gatherers. So we went out to see what foods we could gather. We found black berries, raspberries and then we all picked an apple. It was great fun for a day but we are glad there are shops now so we can get most of our food there.

Harvest with Year 3/4

Poems inspired by harvest and autumn

Y3/4 have been writing poems inspired by harvest and the autumn. The Wrens present their poems here - we hope you enjoy them...

Discovery of a bone on the field

We received a letter from a drainage company saying they had found something unusual on the school field. When we went to investigate we discovered a HUGE bone. We tried to discover what the bone had belonged to and contacted Dr. Brace at the Natural History Museum. She has informed us that the bone belongs to an extinct woolly mammoth. Apparently they lived in the East Riding in the Stone Age. What an incredible discovery!

Year 3/4G "Skylarks" Science

In science we have been learning about rocks. We worked in groups and made a representation of the earth to show the different layers; the inner core, the outer core, mantle and crust.

Year 3/4G Measuring Maths Mixing Potions

Miss Guild’s class have been having fun learning about capacity in their numeracy lessons. They have been making Invisibility potions and also Fairy Dust potions (that makes you fly.) The children had to mix the correct amounts of ingredients to make the potions. If you see anyone flying round year 3/4G you will know it worked and that they are now experts when working with capacity! Our ingredients took Miss Guild a long time to source and included: Frog’s Breath, Dragon Blood, Teardrops of a Faerie, Mountain Haze, Troll Bogies, Inky Slime. We have learned that there are 1000 millilitres in 1 litre. As we carried out our work we realise that it is very important to be accurate when we are measuring liquids to ensure we follow our recipe closely. We are going to use these skills when we make our recipes for ‘The Taste of Summer’ cookbook.

Finding out where our food comes from.

Year 3/ 4 all went to Tesco to find out more about fruit and vegetables and where they come from. Everyone got to try different fruits and then we tasted a smoothie. This was the first step towards designing and making our own smoothies.