Nafferton Primary School

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Year 6

Following on from our grammar evening - here are the documents that we went through for your information.

Just when they were expecting to arrive at the airport ready for an adventure holiday, Autumn Phase were in for a surprise - their plane had crash landed - in the Amazon Rainforest! They took time to take in their surroundings and started some very creative writing.  This will form part of a story of survival and adventure, we can't wait to read them!

Autumn Phase arrived in their holiday clothes, ready for take off with Nafferton Airlines to Sao Paulo as part of their Amazon launch day.  In flight entertainment and refreshments were provided!

Year 5/ 6 War of the Worlds 20th March, 2018

Year 5/ 6 performance to parents.

Year 6 Drumming 7th March, 2018

More pictures from the workshop with Mambo Jambo

Year 6 Mothering Sunday lunch - 9th March, 2018

Year 6 pupils had the opportunity to invite a special person in their lives to have lunch in the canteen to celebrate Mothering Sunday.

Mambo Jambo! 14th March, 2018

Nafferton Year 6 pupils were joined by Kilham School and Burton Agnes School for an afternoon making carnival music with the wonderful acoustic duo Mambo Jambo who came to Nafferton School in association with East Riding Music Education Hub to offer a music workshop with a 'carnival song' performance.

Year 6 Design & Technology Project

Archery Instruction 20th January 2017

Using ratio and proportion in making smoothies

Whitby Trip 2017

Our day at Whitby Abbey and the Captain Cook Museum

Tour de Nafferton!

Inspired by the Tour de Yorkshire children from Years 5&6 had their own Tour de Nafferton.   Under the instruction of a team of qualified coaches from Richardson’s Cycle club of Scarborough the children were trained in the techniques of cycle racing before having their own race around the school field!

Whitby Trip

Our day at Whitby Abbey and the Captain Cook Museum, more pictures to follow.