Nafferton Primary School

"Where Childhood Matters"


22.6.20: Miss Searby reads "What the Ladybird Heard", by Julia Donaldson

Wc 15.6.20: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, read by Miss Brown

19.6.20 - Message for the Mice

18.6.20 - Message for the Mice...

1.6.20: Miss brown growing cress seeds...

1.6.20: Mrs Rothwell reads Jack and the Beanstalk, adapted and published by Milly and Flynn

Handwriting Practice Aid (8.5.20)

18.5.20: Miss Guild reads 'Jasper's Beanstalk', by Nick Butterworth

11.5.20: Flower Pressing with Mrs Sizer

11.5.20: Mrs Sizer reads 'Eating Plants', by Rhonda Jenkins

4.5.20 - Mrs Sizer introduces this week's stories.

Oliver's Vegetables (Vivian French) & Oliver's Fruit Salad (Vivian French)

A message from Miss Guild to the Field mice...

A message from Mrs Sizer to the Dormice...

A message from Mrs Pierrepont to the Fieldmice and Dormice...

A message from Mrs Stinson to the Fieldmice and Dormice...

A message from Mrs Kitchen to the Fieldmice and Dormice...

Mrs Sizer introduces the Planet Oceans theme...

Welcome to Foundation Stage at Nafferton Primary School where we aim to provide a safe, enabling environment in which children feel part of a community, are valued and safe, enjoy and achieve.

This is done by:

  • Building on the child’s learning from the end of their pre-schools.
  • Ensuring quality and consistency, so that all children make good progress.
  • Provide a secure foundation which creates exciting and creative learning opportunities which are planned around the needs and interests of the children and are informed by talking and developing a deep understanding of the children and through regular team discussions.
  • Working as partners with parents.

We believe play is essential to childhood. Play is a child’s means of expression and discovery. When children explore and re-enact with others, they grow socially, and their understanding of the world is strengthened. Children learn to concentrate, be creative, make decisions, problem solve, work with others, build resilience and persist when faced with challenge. Many play based activities take place outside where children have access to two well-resourced outdoor areas.

Please enjoy looking through the photographs of some of the activities we have enjoyed this year.


In Foundation & KS1 we follow the letters and sounds programme to deliver Phonics.
This document is supplemented by a range of materials to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.


Mr Johnson's Shoes - counting in twos

Life Cycles of a Frog

Black and White Day

World Book Day

Making leek and potato soup to celebrate St David's Day

Our book of the week is Owl Babies 

Visiting Mars!

Making pancakes

Dormice gymnastics

Field Mice gymnastics 

Following a space boot footprint discovery, we measured and compared our own feet. 

Hidden Horizons came to visit our school this week with their incredible Space Dome.

SPACE - Whatever next...

Spring Phase Christmas party

Christmas Lunch in Christmas Jumpers 


Christmas - Stay and Create

Queen of Hearts - Jam Tarts

Alice in Wonderland


Road Safety Awareness Week 

Children In Need 2019

Bonfire night

Diwali week

Our Autumn Walk


Taking food to the food bank, chopping vegetables and eating harvest vegetable soup


Book of the Week: The Hungry Caterpillar 

Our Book of the Week this week is The Three Little Pigs.  

Balance Bikes

Creating shapes on the playground


Our Book of the Week this week was My Five Senses 

Below are some images of children exploring with their senses.

Potting Plants

Book of the week: Kippers Birthday

Book of the week: Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man baking

Going on a Bear Hunt

Parachute games and listening to instructions