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Tuesday 14th July

Mr Saltonstall took our Year 4 key workers on a no-expense-spared guided tour of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! We had a fabulous trip and got to see all the important sights. Here are some of our souvenir photos of our day to round off the brilliant Harry Potter topic we have enjoyed this term.

Thursday 2nd July

In our Forest Schools work this week, Year 4 made rafts for a little pirate (The Year 1 teams have been learning about pirates all week!!). Only 3 rafts were finished and were not sure how safe Archie & Christopher's was. Libby was voted our winning designer and builder! ⛵

"We've been 'magicing' water using only natural resources! We part-filled bowls with leaves, grass and other natural items and placed a small bowl inside in the middle. We then covered the whole thing in cling film and placed a stone on top in the middle to weigh down the 'roof'. We then left the bowl in the sun for a few hours. As if by magic, clean water appeared in the small bowl! Magic!"

Finished Y4 Harry Potter videos

19.6.20 - Message for the Wrens

A message from Mr Saltonstall to the Wrens....

A message from Mrs Kitchen to the Wrens...

Science - we have been learning how to make a simple circuit and what makes a good conductor

Our Design and Technology Project - We made a Christmas tree decoration. We used cross stitch. We designed our own pattern chose our own colours. We then finished it off by sewing on a felt backing

Art - As part of our Victorians topic work, we have been learning about William Morris' style of artwork

Forest Schools - We have been learning about shelters, fire-lighting, knot tying and bush craft skills

PE - Gymnastics - We have been using the skills we learnt with Harry to carry on our PE lessons and piece together our own routines

PE - Gymnastics - We have been working with our coaches Harry and Zach from HSSS to learn lots of new and exciting gymnastics skills

Science - Friction - We have been investigating the friction between shoes and different surfaces

Science - Gravity- We have been learning about gravity and how much effort it takes to lift objects. We found out that we all use the same amount of effort to lift a tyre but that some people find it easier

Science - Magnets - We have been investigating how magnets attract and repel

Wrens Forest School