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Wednesday 1st July - javelin

24.6.20: The Doopwappa...

Urgent Message: Year 6 watch!

23.6.20: Year 5 Bubble Hymn Singing

WC 22.6.20: Last week's filtering activity...

19.6.20 - Message for Year 5

Mr Meade & the children give some inspiration for the Year Sixes...

**Year 6 Message**

WC 8.6.20: Mr Murray presents this week's home learning...

WC 1.6.20: Mr Murray presents this week's home learning...

22.5.20 -  Year 6 Hoodies were handed over to the children.

It was lovely to see the children. Have a great half term break!

Year 6 Hoodies can be collected from gates (1pm-2pm) tomorrow (22.5.20)


Mr Johnson, Mrs Bray and Mr Meade have a little something to say to the Year 6 children...

A message from Mr Meade to the Buzzards...

A message from Mrs Parsons to the Buzzards...

Friday afternoon games - netball

Bah Humbug Production

Here are the finished houses!

Some images of construction as part of our DT project, making a house which will have a working circuit in and they will be on display at The Great Exhibition!

Here is a selection of photos from the 6 gymnastics sessions that we've taken part in.

Writing for Purpose

After sending letters to the Brazilian Embassy in London about deforestation, some of Year 6 were invited to the embassy for a presentation about the Amazon and the future plans for saving the rainforest.  The children were also able to see some of the famous sights of London.

Year 5 - Glazing poppies with Miss Palmer 

Buzzards taking part in our Victorian school day

Here are some images from our literacy lesson

Here we are testing our parachutes that we made in Science.

Buzzards science

Year 5 and 6 Buzzards school trip to the National Coal Mine Museum in Wakefield.  We learnt about life as a child working down the mine, how things have changed with technology over the years and we had the opportunity to go down the mine shaft and explore the mines.

Y5 Pottery Class with Miss Palmer

Kestrels and Buzzards had a special guest visit from Miss Palmer who came in to teach ceramics to the Year 5 children as part of a art project.  They made ceramic poppies which will form part of a remembrance project in November.