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Learning at home, 2020

Welcome to learning at home, 2020. After the announcement yesterday that schools will not be returning in summer term, this page can still be used as a means to communicate your child's learning and their achievements. Please use it wherever you can. 

Please send to:

Please could you add a short sentence on what your home learners have been up to. This can be added alongside your photographs. We are not able to show surnames of the children or families, but can show first names. 

As a temporary measure and to allow more space on this page, we are now uploading the entire week's photographic uploads on Friday. It will be less taxing on space and allow easier navigation and scrolling. Media files will still be added as they are received.Thank you and keep sending your learning journeys in to us!

EDIT: In this period, please allow for up to 8 photographs maximum during the week period that commences on the Saturday.

Wednesday 8th July

Olivia's Harry Potter themed stones

Tuesday 7th July

Dylan enjoying the outdoors and learning how to make (and eat) meringues!

Monday 6th July 

Dan and Andrew

Our courgettes, pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers, corn, lettuce and carrots all coming along nicely.
Quidditch balls, designing a new game for their baby brother and Dan’s magic mirror - his wish is to be back at school, picture of Mr J and Mrs Cooper welcoming everyone back.

Monday 6th July 

Work from Jess - including a piece on litter in the ocean

Friday 3rd July 

Olivia's Harry Potter projects for this week

Friday 3rd July

Anna's pirate ship!

Jacob and Anna on a mini beast hunt with big brother teaching how to complete a tally chart!
Anna sorting her animals into their groups!

Sofia and Joe’s chicks hatched this week.

Archie wanted to show Miss Guild a picture of him holding a Barn Owl!

Another fab week! I've attached some more photographs to share with you. Poppy has made Harry Potter fudge and potions. We visited a grey seal colony. She created a collage for this terms tooth topic and has spent a lot of time helping her Dad, weaning the lambs and clipping the sheep.

Will enjoying Philosopher’s Stone

Jorge and Dylan

Here is a picture of William and Niamh finding trees and insects from the BBC bitesize sheets from last week

Friday 19th June - Friday 26th June, 2020

Ryan matching up grammar names and meanings.

Leah’s school work in the sun.

Thank you so much to Mr J for sorting the 150 Reads certificates to go with our tea party, the boys were made up. Also having fun making potions.

Samuel K has been busy using his birthday tools to make a hedgehog house. Samuel’s Minibeast creations.

Missing her teachers and friends but loving time at home! Poppy has had water fights, designed a shop sign for Diagon Alley - 'Poppy Potters Popping Candy,' made wands for 'Ollivanders,' been to the beach, measured toothpaste and learnt all about teeth.

Attached are Olivia's Junk model broomstick she has built and “The Nasty creature - Hogwarts Phantom," she has created.

Broomstick by Isla H. - ready to take off!

Pics of Harry G making a very hungry caterpillar, learning the days of the week and having fun in the sun. Missing you all.

Torie, (Buzzards) leavers’ hoodie picture. 

Friday 12th June - Friday 19th June, 2020

Featured in this week's photographs:

Ryan getting help with angles from his big sis.

Samuel N loving money work.

Sorry we haven't managed to send in pics until now. We've had a lot of fun in the past months - baking, den building, cycling (over 150 km), perfume-blending, gardening, making music and lots of other things. James is excited to see his friends next week.

Torie and Blake have enjoyed reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and completing the activities. Torie enjoyed making her own solar system using fruit and veg. We have also enjoyed feeding the wild squirrels at Peasholm park. Mr Meade it was lovely to see you for a social distancing wave! 

Joey and I played the game Miss Guild had put up with the emotions board from the website. We used cut-out sticky notes and enlarged the board onto a PowerPoint presentation to save ink printing out. Joey told me some things that made him feel scared but also enjoyed telling me about the things that made him happy and calm.

Hi everyone, here are some more photos from Poppy. She's been busy! 1: Making quicksand.    2: Flying her kite.     3: Evening walks along the canal.      4: BBQ's       5: Reading (Harry Potter)      6: Family Bike Rides.

Here are a few photographs of Lauren learning at home. 

Please find a selection of pics from this week's tasks

The girls hard at work. Lilli is enjoying her CGP books!

Friday 5th June - Friday 12th June, 2020

Featured in this week's photographs:

Jacob’s work for Mr Murray.

Lydia Faye and Oliver's ducklings hatched. Lydia Faye and Oliver's home cinema.

Jacob's model of Jack and the Beanstalk. Jacob busy doing his story map. Having some fun on Rocky. Busy doing some maths. Busy describing the giant. Jacob has had another fun week of home schooling. 

A few pictures of Finley’s lockdown birthday.

Hi Everyone, Poppy would like to share the attached photographs with you all. 1&2: Taken on our recent dog walks. 3&4: Her practical maths and physics lesson - working out how many posts she would need to fence the field and how much this would cost. Poppy also learnt about forces and Isaac Newton's Law of Motion. 5: Her Homemade Rocky Road!

The first piece of work that James absolutely could not wait to do!  His very detailed Hogwarts Express!

Samuel is currently up to 24 miles. Samuel has been doing some animal grouping and maths this morning.

This week Olivia was lucky enough to find an egg which had fallen from a nest and a smaller broken egg shell (it was too high to put back) so we found out what it was and compared it to other eggs! The big egg pictured is the chicken’s egg.

Harry's new arrivals, hatched under one of his own hens. History lesson over the weekend for Harry. Forestry school at Millington Woods. Harry out and about. Cooking lesson, Harry couldn't wait to eat some.

Jake and Joshua absolutely loved Mrs Kernaghan's 'Humpty Dumpy goes Skydiving' science challenge. They had a fab time making their parachutes and they worked!

Olivia was really pleased to spot two puffins on the cliffs and we also found tadpoles!

S and E. making a large family tree. 

Rory was happy to see that it was the enormous Turnip book this week as we have that book and he enjoys the story.  Rory loves colouring and cooking so two perfect things to keep him busy!

Friday 29th May - Friday 5th June, 2020

Featured in this week's photographs:

Evelyn and Sebastian looking for Stickman on their walk.

Oscar and Skye are enjoying there daily walks each day, and Skye loved doing work on the Great Barrier Reef last term and this terms work the enormous turnip she really enjoyed today. Oscar loves maths and spelling shed and Oscar and Skye day. They miss you all lots  - especially Mrs Cawthorn, Miss Brown and Mrs Rothwell. 

Evelyn and Sebastian have found a stick family in our tree.

Meeting our new feathered friends, sandpaper art and Harry Potter shop posters.

Harley’s Beanstalk.

Harriet has been busy doing her science project which was a huge success.  Harriet is walking her way across the Wolds whilst juggling map reading with a naughty dog!

Samuel N enjoying column addition.

Making sensory toys for their little brother. Working hard and living the water filter experiment.

Thank you all for making this week go so well. The kids have really enjoyed school. Please can you pass the attached pictures on to Miss Whelan. This was a great activity that the whole family got involved in. I've attached the pictures of Giles so you can see. He said he had told you about it. Thank you and see you next week.

Toby and Alfie learning about wildlife and showing off some French.

A few pics of Harry G planting and watering his beans, enjoying some nice walks and showing the beanstalk he has made.

This is Dylan’s wand design. Jorge has made the Giant’s Castle with the Beanstalk next to it.

The Giant by Anna Kelly.

JUNE HALF TERM 22.5.20 - 29.5.20

Featured in this week's photographs:

Emily enjoyed thinking of new things that Superworm could do!

Jam cakes on the menu tonight! – with Alfie and Isla.

Sam has been making dens, learning to play swingball and making & performing an under-sea puppet show.

Thank you for my leavers hoodie Mr J and Mrs Bray. Missing you all. Thank you. William

Harry and Lily have had a lovely half term. We have celebrated Lily turning 8, had plenty of water fights and a handful of BBQs. 

It made Lily’s day to get a call of Mr. J on her birthday what a lovely and thoughtful surprise. We hope to see you all very soon

Joe enjoying our first trip back to the beach. 

Thursday 21st May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs:

Will S book review of Bad Dad.

Hope everyone’s keeping safe and enjoying the sunshine at home. Kizzi has been helping so the garden and found a frog, made a hopscotch, she opened a nail salon as well as more fab riding. Rhys is venturing out of his room slightly more so may get some photos if we’re lucky.

Freya is learning to tell the time and enjoyed designing and colouring in her own clock. She has found a pet snail but his name is a secret!

Will S stick rainbow and homemade 3D frame.

Wednesday 20th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs:

Ryan chilling on the couch catching up in the latest news. Samuel completing a weighing activity with his siblings.

Hi everyone, here are a few more pics of Poppy enjoying Home Learning (weeks 7 & 8) xx

* Practical Maths - The value of money

* Making scones for V.E. Day

* Drone rescues from the potato field!

* Another of Chloe's 20 mile bike rides!

* Cutting Dads hair - he's a brave man!

Anna has created this picture to show what kind of rubbish goes in which bin!

William and Niamh have completed the Water Filter Science works.


Tuesday 19th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs:

Guitar making with Will.

Samuel K creating a Lego jeep by following instructions. 

Samuel N completing a weighing activity with a little help from his siblings

Anna, Imogen and Mum recreate famous paintings as part of their art homework. 

Recreating a famous piece of art! By Monty.

Monday we learnt about the months of the year, Layla practiced her cutting skills then put them in order. Tuesday we have learnt about the time and telling it to the o clock 

Jacob looking at the roots on the bean plant and helping to plant them out at the allotment. He then ordered and then looked at the life cycle of a plant.  He then made a clock and learnt to tell the time to half past. He was very proud of his weather chart. Jacob weighed out the ingredients to made some jam tarts. 

Alfie and Toby doing their science experiments - the water took a fair few trips through the filter to eventually clear.

Here are a couple of pictures of Aaron and Amelia doing their planet ocean and coast line projects.

William making daisy chains in the great outdoors.

Monday 18th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs:

Today Archie wrote down instructions for planting sunflower seeds which he replanted in the garden last week!

Archie’s missing everyone and hope all his friends are keeping well!

Saturday 16th -  Sunday 17th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Freya has started her own flower garden and veg patch this week. She’s chosen the flowers to plant and now has to remember to water them!

Grayson has done lots of outdoor playing, daily walks, daily video chats with grandma reading books together, drawing/painting, some baking, building model planes, gardening and a little bit of maths! 
He has been reading The Magician's Nephew and The Silver Chair with grandma, taking it in turns to read. Grandma read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Grayson. Grayson has also been doing lots of independent reading. 

We haven't managed much structured schooling as we're both still working and have an energetic toddler to occupy too. Grayson has helped out with Emmet while being at home together full time. We always try to find things to learn about in our environment. 

We haven’t sent any photos for a while. Forgive us whilst we catch up. I hope you haven’t been wondering where Molly has been. We are all well and have been keeping busy...
science: rockets (forces) and making quicksand.
Art: Butterfly
History: citizenship: VE Day Scones
English: writing a recipe using command words!
Lots of Lexia and (some) TT Rockstars too.
A lockdown haircut too - Mummy’s first one ever?!
Many thanks once more for all you are doing at for those in school and those at home.
It is all really appreciated.

Mrs R. x

Harry G making a pirate potion, pressing flowers, measuring the height of his Sunflowers and vegetables and making a lovely Sunflower picture with labels. 


Friday 15th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Big news this week is that Autumn has learnt to ride her bike and can finally ride with big sister Ava!  Ava has enjoyed finding facts about Skylarks. Autumn has made great progress with her numbers this week. They had great fun making and playing in their own shop :-)
Stay Safe

Ryan N having a good chuckle at Mr Stink! Samuel N working on paragraph writing.

Samuel has created a fish from a plastic bottle.

Torie has enjoyed a little tea party today to celebrate all her hard work she has put into her SATs. She’s completed all the work given this week & three maths papers. Blake has also been working very hard & has enjoyed a celebratory day off. 

Jake and Joshua went bike riding today. Joshua managed today without his stabilisers.

Thursday 14th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Emily did amazing sentences and drawings for her spelling words this week :)  she even remembered her social distancing rules!

Joey wrote some facts about whales with mummy. He did some science experiments and enjoyed a cinema experience, watching Trolls World Tour. He then wrote some Great Barrier Reef facts and then enjoyed some outdoor cricket time with daddy.

Evelyn and Sebastian make their VE Day sign. Evelyn and Sebastian's Barrier reef artwork. They loved looking at pictures of the Great barrier reef. They both loved how colourful and beautiful it is. 

Wednesday 13th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Rory biked 13 miles taking his total miles to London to 42. Only 129 miles to go! We then thought today would be a perfect day as it was very windy to make the kite from The Year 1 work from home sheet was a great success - Rory loved it and so did I.

Anna painted this picture inspired by The Storm Whale.

Layla: We have talked about plants this week, we planted sunflowers and did number bonds up to 9! 

Morning Maths, Violin Lesson by Video Link, Helping my Mum and playing video games with my friends. Trying my baking. I'm really missing school dinners! From Joseph

Attached are a few photos from Thomas of a couple of things he has been doing while at home for you to see. Miss Guild will be pleased with his concentration on his yoga!

Definitely his most proud achievement he would tell you is riding his bicycle without stabilizers he's done brilliantly and thoroughly pleased with himself.

This week Bettsie has done her number bonds to 9.

She has been looking at and labelling a flower and has also written about what she did at the weekend. When it brightened up a little, she also took her doll, Alice, for a walk around the village.  Hope everyone is keeping safe and we hope to see you all very soon.

Joshua has painted a lovely sunflower and got all of his flowers ready to be pressed. Jake's been playing football in the garden and reading before bed.

Tuesday 12th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Rory has been busy last week. He made pizza from natural yogurt and flour ingredients and loved it. He drew and marked out a beach set picture helped mummy decorate parts of the village for VE Day with the flags many children had coloured and made Meringues and put strawberry and cream on them.

More 3D shapes, VE Day and Mrs Rogerson’s Art work.

She is enjoying lots of animal drawing and colouring on this topic!

Jack's been loving the Planet Ocean tasks this week. He has made his kite out of a plastic bag and he has loved creating his own Great Barrier Reef in a shoebox! 

Looking at number bonds to 9. Jacob with one of his sunflowers. Jacob collected some flowers from the allotment and did some flower pressing. 

Ollie doing lessons, walking, planting and baking.

Isabella and Alice have been doing lots of different activities over the last few weeks including English, Maths, Science, PE with Joe every morning, playing in the garden and searching for Harry’s NHS rocks in the village. Isabella has also achieved 2 of her Brownie badges and we made and sent birthday cards to Captain Tom.
We have done lots of things for VE day, such as designing our own Spitfires, and on the day we had a lovely picnic in the garden and covered the front of our house in bunting!

Lauren has read her first ‘grown up book’ by herself this week.


Monday 11th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Jacob enjoying a walk to feed the fish; VE day walk and Jacob was very excited to see the Land rover; Looking at flowers in the garden; Measuring a plant. 

Harry and Emily: pictures in lockdown.

Daniel and Andrew’s art in the great outdoors, socially distanced VE Day street party and 3D marshmallow and spaghetti structures.

Jake and Joshua had a busy morning doing some school work and then making these soft toys. Very impressed with their sewing skills. They made some shadow shapes on our walk. 

Hope you are keeping well. The girls miss everyone so much and the telephone calls have kept them going knowing you all still think of them!
We have Eleanor doing some pirate addition and measuring.  Lillianne practicing learning to tell the time and doing her Michael Morpurgo writing then having her violin lesson!  Olivia doing her human and physical feature work as well as practicing her spellings.

Harry has 3 little chicks, he's hatched from one of his own hens.

Friday 8th May (VE DAY) and Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Harry and Lily’s VE celebrations.

Freya explored how shadows are formed and what made them look very tall and found a huge uprooted tree on her daily walk!

Just a few of some of the things Chloe had done in lockdown from being out at sea after fixing an engine, to changing a wheel bearing, to relaxing in the pool at home and having her nails done representing the satellites.

We are missing school so much and last week was a little struggle for us, however we kept busy with our Daily exercise!  We are loving the Bray Way challenge!! As of today (10.05.20) I am is on  57.55  miles since starting on 1.05.20. Here are some pictures of a window display I made for my grandad’s office. Grandad sells houses so I made a note to put in the Office window!
I've made pancakes for breakfast, made a jigsaw globe, and decorated the window for VE day. Also baked for our VE BBQ on our front drive!

Samuel N. practising sentence writing whilst writing to his pen pal Edward W. and Ryan N. 'enjoying' SATS practice!

J. and A. VE Day celebrations.

Thursday 7th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

This is one of William and Niamh in the paddling pool cooling off today, they are now back colouring in the flags for VE Day.

Picking the strawberries at the allotment. Doing some maths. Making decorations for our VE celebrations. Word search time. Having fun potato printing. Jacob has has a busy week and ready for a few days of fun, as we can't go on holiday we are camping in the garden, which Jacob is very excited about.

Joseph’s VE day bunting.

Harry G with his Ocean scene, making scones, role playing pirates and learning about healthy eating and playing shops/money.

Jake investigating shadows and Joshua painting his phonics sounds. They are really missing school life and can’t wait to be back with you all. Thank you so much for your lovely phone calls this week, really means a lot. 

Max and Dylan have been busy learning about VE Day. this is our front window display ready for tomorrow’s celebrations.


Wednesday 6th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

It was nice to catch up with the girls teachers this week and good to hear everyone is keeping well. So far this week, Suki & Skyla have enjoyed baking some shortbread biscuits and making little bird feeders for the garden just like Mrs Greenlaw showed us.

Sofia had fun making chocolate eclairs.

Lots of maths and science this week. Lava lamps, flower dyeing, balloon rocket/car, and 3D shapes for Mrs Cooper ( enjoying this task)! Good work Charlotte and Natasha.

Poppy's missing her teachers and friends but is having lots of fun here in lockdown.

She's been very busy over the last two weeks but has done some school work to keep Mr S sweet! - PH Test - learning about Acids and Alkalis. - Practical Maths helping on the farm - her Dad told her to count the legs and divide by 4! - We made a dragon on Saint George's Day - Topic: Planet Ocean Experiment - "All At Sea" learning about minerals and density. - Topic: Planet Ocean Experiment - "Changing State" learning about the water cycle.

Jake and Joshua made some Union Jack bunting for the VE celebrations yesterday. After singing at 11am, we went for a walk and got stuck in a very muddy track!

Eva: Counting and paying for our pirate fruit lunch. Our pirate treasure map. And our ocean scene. 

Cam and Archie making 3D shapes with spaghetti and marshmallows – fiddly business.

Layla wanted to wear her school clothes on monday along with her sister, they had a vegetable and fruit shop, adding up money and working out which coins she would need. She loved miss guild calling her this week! She keeps asking me to take photos to show her, she has done some fab writing when she concentrated well! 

Hi thank you for the class work on the class pages. Sam has enjoyed completing the education city tasks this morning then had fun in the paddling pool this afternoon.

Dylan rescued a baby pigeon today. We took it to an animal sanctuary to be reared.

We have been having fun creating a puzzle escape room, getting ready for VE Day, presenting a show about the world and learning about how rivers are formed and why. We are definitely missing our friends and look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Imogen following Mrs Greenlaw’s instructions on how to make a bird feeder.


Tuesday 5th May, 2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Alexis wanted to make a mask so she can come back to school!

So this weekend we have mastered Telling the time and learned about sea otters. We have also read some of ‘I met a whale’. We bought Dudley a new rug and gave him a good brush too. Kizzi is missing all her friends and her teachers loads.

Samuel N learning to tell the time, quarter to and quarter past!

Jake and Joshua measuring out ingredients to make Dad's birthday cake.

Some practice on his ramps, missing getting out on the bike trails. Jacob making and setting up his fruit and vegetable shop. Weighing fruit and vegetables and seeing which are the lightest and heaviest. Making up sentences by finding the words from around the room. Helping Mummy poo pick the field. 

Here are a couple of photos of Ruby, one of her completing an activity set by Mrs Cooper this week and also one of her baking some peanut butter cookies. Stay safe!

Monty has been learning his European flags and teaching Beatrix too!

For Mrs Rogerson:

Hi Mrs Rogerson
Thanks so much for the call today, Isabella was too shy to talk but has reminded me twice since that I must send the photo of her painting in. I have included a few more of her isolation activities.
.For Miss Searby:

Thanks so much for the call today it has made Victoria's day, she is chuffed to bits she spoke with you. I have attached a few photos of isolation activities. Send our regards to Mr Buckley also.
Keep safe.

Hi Mrs Cooper,
Thanks for the idea... it ended sticky..... but delicious even though the spaghetti was a bit chewy
I’m currently writing up about my shape which you can tell is a pentagon....... obviously..... speak soon! Toby.

Joe has made some gingerbread men today, he did it all by himself with a little instruction.

Sophie practising her writing and doing her maths.

Alex Trybocki making banana bread.

Will S Making a contour island and baking chocolate concrete cake.

Thank you for the calls this week, it's been really nice to have a chat with someone else!

The boys have been keeping themselves busy, William has written a presentation of Whales for you to have a look at. (See Home Learning: Media Downloads) They've both helped Daddy build a hedgehog house. Tom has been busy doing some craft work, he was looking to make a sea turtle and helped me make a seahorse. We've all tried to partake in Joe Wicks. We have been learning about sea turtles, whales and seahorses.

4.5.20:  Above is a short tutorial on using the website at this current time.

There are some hints on where to find things but also some directions with using the Android or I-Phone versions of the webpage.
NOTE:  The tutorial forgot to mention that if you click Gallery itself, you will also see what activities the children have been up to with our staff.

Monday 4th May,2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Jake and Joshua accept the Nafferton to London challenge. 25 miles done so far last week as a family. 

To say we miss you all is an understatement. We are both trying very hard with our school work and we are getting fresh air each day. What we enjoy the most is having lots of cuddles with mummy and daddy. It is nice having daddy at home more. 

We hope you are all staying safe and we can’t wait to be back at the school we live with all our hearts. Love Harry and Lily

Monty enjoyed writing a story all about an adventure with dinosaurs! Then we have Monty’s self-portrait in the style of Vincent Van Gough and Beatrix’s self-portrait in the style of Picasso.

Lydia Faye and Oliver on a bug hunt.

Oliver reading last week’s read - “Pirates Love Underpants”
Hope this is okay : Ellie wanted me to show Mr Johnson , Miss Bray & Mr Murray . One of her drawings got featured online. Ellie’s in the bottom right one.

Miss Brown / Mrs Rothwell:  Joshua managed 72 star jumps in a minute.

Daniel had fun making a balloon rocket and watching how far it could travel. 

Ella has created a labelled diagram of natural coastal features in the form of a stained glass window. She also learnt about colour transfer to create rainbow hair.

Today Archie has been talking about healthy food and making a recipe for a healthy fruit salad, he had his with yogurt and honey and some pirate flags!

AJ really enjoyed bite size maths and drawing and writing about skylark today! 

George and Isla sewing and Isla completing the maths activity set by Mrs Sizer.

Oliver helped make a fruit and veg shop with his dad. He enjoyed being the shop keeper.


Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd May,2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Alfie & Isla enjoying seeing all the lambs on their bike rides and walks.

Our days usually starts with musical phonics and the kids win 5p per correct phonic to spend on snacks later. This week we have swapped Police and Army school for Pirate school - measuring ships, making treasure maps and looking at adjectives to describe ships. Georgia is doing well with her Maths and writing poems. Jonah has done some colouring in and reading and practising number formation. Georgia has used recycled paper and added seeds to give as gifts for people to plant. Lots of outdoor activities too to keep active including our horse jumping trials. 

Will’s finally finished his space project!


Friday 1st May,2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Victoria and Sophia.

Ryan still smiling whilst working on his dreaded grammar!

Dylan and Jorge made their own coast line (for Dylan’s topic of the week).  Jorge has enjoyed learning about pirates this week, and also conducted his own ‘sink or float experiment’ I have attached a photo of Jorge’s ‘drawing of a watering can’.

Joshua in Y1 managed 72 star jumps in a minute. Wow!

Ava has been busy creating her water cycle picture and learning about the process and, on Friday, she has her second virtual guitar lesson! Autumn has been busy practising her handwriting. We enjoyed making a hologram 3D viewer for our phone and seeing the cool images appear!
Stay Safe missing you all.

Thursday 30th April,2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Please find attached a picture of an exercise poster for Mrs Cooper. 

Super proud of Samuel’s writing this morning.

Annie making a cake for the family.

Freya has celebrated family birthdays by throwing a tea party in the garden. She made jelly and identified the solids and liquids and how stirring and hot water help it dissolve quickly. She’s also looked at the inside of different fruits and used them to make shapes.

Today Bettsie has been doing some role play with her new doctors kit! She wanted to be like the amazing doctors and nurses working for the nhs! 

Please find attached my measuring / practical task. I have measured our kitchen diner- Alfie.

Wednesday 29th April,2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

A selection of this last week’s pictures from Home School. Dress up for PE with Joe Wicks, discovering microscopes with a bit of Science, Rainbow rock hunt on our 4mile bike hike, posting home written letters to family members and a spot of home baking.  Archie and Daisy are trying really hard and Mummy is very proud, but they are missing School & friends heaps.

Ella worked very hard to create a fully-functioning Water Cycle in a bag. We've enjoyed using the key vocabulary to discuss when it starts raining in the bag!

Kayleigh is working really hard to complete all the work set, despite having many distractions from her brother!

Emily W loved writing her sea creature poem based on Commotion in the Ocean!

Hi hope you are well? Here’s some photos attached of Anna’s map of the world, some flags and some pictures and facts about penguins.

Joey and his sister painted rainbows for the NHS to display on the windows. He then let off some steam on his daily exercise using his scooter. He created an acrostic poem after listening to Mrs Rothwell’s rendition of Commotion in the Ocean. He is getting better at "nearly beating" daddy at dominoes! Miss you all. x

Freya is having great fun with her Under the Sea project- getting creative (and getting paint everywhere)! She tried a great activity with kitchen roll and coloured pens - cut out a rainbow shape, dip the ends in water and the colours move up the paper making a rainbow!

Today, Emily listened to Mrs Rothwell read ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ on the school website. She drew an angelfish as her favourite animal and looked up some information about it in some reference books. Emily decided to dress as the Little Mermaid and danced to ‘Under the Sea’ and some more calypso style music in keeping with the theme!
Emily enjoyed reading the first half of the book herself yesterday evening and is going to finish it at bedtime.
We are really enjoying the oceans theme!  Thank you for all the great tasks and ideas on the website.

Jacob labelled his treasure map.  He worked out number bonds of 8  before painting his pirate ship.  He had some fun on his scooter after finishing some school work. 

Today, Bettsie did some baking. She measured and mixed herself, following a YouTube tutorial and made a Oreo and m&m was yummy!  We also did the sink and float challenge, she guessed most of them right, but some shocked us! Finally she’s done some reading with Nannie :)  Who says rainy days can’t be as fun!? 

I trust you are all keeping well. Molly is beginning to talk a lot about school; she’s missing it. She’s been asking some lovely questions about our current situation; but is also ready for it to all be over!  The pictures: Salt dough self portraits, observational drawing in the cemetery.
Making her own pizza-toast lunch and a bit of practical fractions. Taking responsibility and good care of her guinea pigs. She has also been on a Geography walk around Driffield, and is looking forward to having a go at Van Gough style picture.

Thanks to Mrs Cawthorn for the recommendation to dance along and learn the choreography for Matilda! Ava thoroughly enjoyed herself. 

Samuel's reading of Room on the Broom.

Tuesday 28th April,2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Here we have Eleanor ordering by capacity! Olivia is learning the continents and oceans and
Lilli drawing abstract of Mummy. Eleanor ordered her numbers 0-20.

Reu's abstract artwork for Mrs Rogerson and baking scones (scones with a /oh/ as in 'cones'!)

Penny loved listening to Mrs Rothwell reading Commotion in the Ocean. She chose the Lobster as her favourite sea creature and enjoyed creating a picture and finding out facts. From Penny.

Sophie practicing her phonics and blending.

Freya has been busy predicting which objects would float or sink today. We wondered if it was anything to do with the amount of air inside and how dense they were? The pirates treasure sank to the bottom but the pirate ship she made out of a milk bottle floated – right up until it started to fill with water!

Just a little video to show what Austin and Lily have been doing in their PE lessons. This terms sport is Austin's and his dad's!! On the clip you can see Austin and Lily practising their bowling techniques in their homemade cricket nets!

Here are some pictures of Bettsie, she has been doing some maths work and has been measuring pirate ships to compare, thanks to mummy’s amazing drawing skills (or not). 

Hello hope you are keeping well? Oscar and Skye have been making lots and lots of pictures for the NHS and key workers and have made a rainbow for every house on our street. Oscar has been busy painting the summerhouse, Skye has painted lots of coloured rainbow pebbles and we have been going on lots of bike rides and lovely walks. Oscar is loving spelling shed and Skye is enjoying reading the Oxford reading tree online.


Monday 27th April,2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Thank you for all the lovely videos been uploaded - Betsy loves to watch them.

Morning all at Nafferton School, just a quick hello from us and to let you know we are working hard through the set tasks. The printer has never been so busy and thank goodness eBay is still delivering ink! The boys have been helping Mum & Dad Around the house and garden although poor Mum is still working and starting some mornings at 2 am. As reward we have built a tree house which they are thrilled with and will be great for a reading corner/ chill out space.
Hope you are all keeping safe. The boys miss you all.

Jack has had lots of fun over the weekend planting in the garden and exploring in the mud! Jack has also been doing lots of practicing with his reading on a daily basis and on education city!  This morning (Monday 27th April), we have been looking at items that may sink and float from our home based learning. Jack really enjoyed this activity and was really good at predicting what would sink and what would float and gave reasons as to why he thought this. 

Archie and Cam out for a walk with Bodie the puppy.

Layla and her sister (Poppy) have been on a pirate adventure this morning. They made a pirate hat, eye patch and sword and then then made treasure maps before writing a letter to a pirate. Layla then did some measuring with a ruler to find out which was longest and which was shortest.

Ethan is missing you very much.  He has been keeping busy doing his homework, riding his bike, going on walks, baking and helping with the housework.  On Saturday, he managed a 12 km bike ride and  with minimal complaining. He wanted to share a couple of pictures with you all. 

Sophie has been busy doing her writing and maths today and misses all her teachers and friends.

Jacob was excited to get start with this week's work. Here he is doing his number of the day, “at the weekend” work, looking at the message from in the bottle (and the treasure map) before finishing with some measuring.

Kizzi has been learning how to build a fence this week. It’s not complete yet but will update when it is. Rhys is doing an awesome job of isolating in his bedroom - lucky if we see him! Both he and Kieran have been renamed the creatures from the black lagoon! Haha. 

Afternoon all,
We are all really missing you, the children are really looking forward to seeing you all again. I have attached some photos of some things the kids have been doing.
Harrison wanted MR S to see his fact about the loneliest whale in the sea.  Darcey loves education city, spelling she’s, Lexia and has completed spellings for this week. Alanna loved Mr Johnson’s rendition of Dirty Bertie.  It’s her favourite story.

Freya has loved starting her Pirates and treasure project this week with creating an old treasure map. She wet a teabag and wiped it on the paper and then put it under the grill to make it look old. She enjoyed making it very hard for the pirate to find the treasure! She’s also helped build a new ‘playhouse’ shed for her teddies in the garden and chosen the paint. That’s tomorrow’s job along with a teddy bears picnic!

Hello everyone, Jessica is missing her friends and teachers very much. She is also having a lot of fun learning at home. We have done some measuring and made slime with chia seeds, fed the chickens and done some writing. We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. 

Alanna thought she would draw Mrs Sizer. Hope you like it!

Here is Dylan’s work on the Water Cycle. Here is Jorge’s work on the Water Cycle as well as his crafty picture of the world.

Archie has been busy finding the rocks around the village, baking pirate buns and after finding a new love for bird spotting putting a bird book together with the help of Dad! Archie thinks that Miss Guild will love his.

Joey made a water run to test which route was the fastest flowing. He made moon rocks in the tough tray and then did some colour-by-numbers multiplication Maths. He finished the day litter picking with daddy. 

Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th April,2020 

Featured in today's photographs are:

Here are Natasha and Charlotte baking and on their daily walk.

Samuel N. helping to paint the fence.

Don’t worry Mr. J the Rowley boys are keeping their fingers green and can’t wait to get back for gardening club. Plus water cycle experiments, painting and relining their park.

William H playing Paddling pool rugby. Missing his friends and rugby coaching. We are missing Mr Johnson and all the teachers.

Rory and Jesse have been up to lots of things: building a marshmallow tower making shapes;  Rory designed his Bray Way logo; made a world map jigsaw; Rory made a bird feeder thanks for the info from Mrs Greenlaw; and we’ve been on lots of walks and bike rides. 

Hope everyone is well, we are missing you all lots Rory and Jesse.

Quick update from Mr Johnson (23.4.20):

Good afternoon parents and carers of Nafferton! We've had a couple of issues with space and uploads on our site recently. In order to ensure that each day's uploads do not become too strenuous on this lovely page and as of tomorrow, we are limiting the amount of pictures to 5 images per family, per day and 100 characters of text for your message.  Thank you so much if you have been able to share your child's learning and please do continue to do so. - Mr Johnson

Friday 24th April,2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Charlotte and Natasha have enjoyed Mrs Rogerson’s Art Homework and had a go at Mrs Coopers suggestion of a bug investigation in the garden.

Thursday 23rd April,2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

So Ella has been on a nice long walk to burn some energy, mummy was very impressed how far Ella walked and she even wanted to walk back the longest way possible and refresh herself. She is missing school so much now.

James’s space station.

To all at Nafferton School. We hope you are well and are missing you all.  Harry G has been very busy in the garden growing vegetables over Easter. Attached are a few pics of him on his Easter Egg hunt around the garden, preparing his potato plot, planting his carrots, peas and sweetcorn, practicing his writing and making an 'Oceans' interest table. Harry has really enjoyed seeing all the messages from his teachers and listening to Mr J's stories. We look forward to when we can see you all again. Thank you for all you are doing.

I just thought I'd drop a line to let you know Olivia is doing just fine. She is enjoying working from home, but missing you and all her friends so much!

She has written a fabulous alien story, which she can't wait to share with you. I have attached some pictures: some baking - which we are trying to do something new each week (if we can get the ingredients we need); an alien spaceship porthole - which we made from two paper plates covered in tin foil;  the self portrait art task - I taught Liv all about Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement, she really liked the colourful Marilyn Monroe images, so she used them to help her make her own Pop Art style picture featuring our family pet (Dobby the guinea pig)

And, of course, Liv has been dancing.......loads. She is starting online classes this week via Zoom, which she is very excited about!

Thank you for all the ideas, the weekly sheets are a good idea. The Whiterose maths is working well. We initially had many problems getting on Education City due to the demand and haven't tried it recently, but we have been completing exercises on Espresso. 

I really hope you both and all the staff are keeping well. Thank you for all the hard work which is going into the work and making the children feel as normal as they can (as a primary school teacher, I know how hard it is). Liv loves the videos and stories on the website - keep them coming!

Another fun packed few days at HarryandLils Primary School.

What a busy time we are having at home. We have been crafting, gardening, baking, going for bike rides, making mini beast hotels in the garden and doing lots of home schooling.  Although we are enjoying family time, we are missing school and all our friends and teachers. We hope to see everyone soon!

Love Edward and Robyn 

Joshua. H has been busy collecting his books with animals from the ocean in. He made an octopus and a turtle from his favourite book.

Jake and Joshua have made some chocolate cornflake nests.  Jake then made some pancakes which were delicious. We looked at capacity. Joshua had great fun doing this. We looked at, empty, nearly empty, half full, nearly full and full. He then ordered them from least to most. Jake's little brother was looking at capacity so Jake joined in and predicted how many yoghurt pots it took to fill each container.

Freya has been baking, measuring and identifying ingredients to do lots of baking- carrot cake has been her favourite so far! The radishes are coming on well and she’s had very static hair on the trampoline this week! She’s had a lovely video chat with Isla P and found out her first tooth had fallen out!


Wednesday 22nd April,2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Jacob enjoying his home schooling and learning about the Planet Ocean. Jacob and his brother enjoyed learning about capacity with the water in the containers and then had fun splashing in puddles. Jacob has loved making his ocean scene and done a little show to us all at home about the ocean and the animals. 

It’s been a busy week so far in the Fantastic F. household! Baking, walks, gardening and pictures for our super waste collectors.
Autumn has finished her underwater scene which looks great! She’s also enjoyed Comic Yoga.

Sam loved weighing and measuring his ingredients for his pizza, and making it but not as much as eating it.

Hi its Harry J., I've been busy with my mum painting stones to hide around the village, I'm missing school teachers and friends, stay safe. X


Louie and Miles

Joey taking turns with action figures, using his imagination and completing the oceans and continents activity.

Tuesday 21st April,2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Evie has had a busy day! First she watched the messages from Mr Johnson, Miss Guild, Mrs Sizer and Mrs Pierrepont - thank you!! Then on to number of the day, handwriting and learning to tell the time. After lunch she made an aquarium, using bits from the garden and coloured paper. Finishing the day with stories from Mr Johnson which she really enjoyed! 

For all the teachers and class friends - Eva

James made some yummy flapjack and jam tarts yesterday and really enjoyed eating them as well!

Monty carefully embroidering a solar system on his letter “M”.

Thank you for the homework! Oliver watching commotion in the ocean (Joshua too!) 

We thought it would be nice for the Nafferton school family of Kilnwick to get involved with today's singing. Here's a photo, I can't send the video as the file is too large to send?? I'll have a think about how to send it on. Love from The Nafferton school Kilnwickers!!

We have been having fun these last few days by looking after our pets and making sure they are safe whilst they play outside. This led on to building a bug hotel from gathered objects and looking after the birds (by building a bird feeder as demonstrated by Mrs Greenlaw). Anna has made some buns and decorated them beautifully. Yum yum! 

Hope you are keeping well and safe. We miss you all.  Lilli, Olivia and Eleanor all enjoyed Wake and Shake this morning.
They all then did some of their White Rose maths and Olivia did her spellings -10/10 first time!

Joseph with his clues for the ocean.

We hope you are all fit and well and thank you for work you’ve sent for Freya to do – she is enjoying doing it (sometimes) !

I’ve attached her ‘shoe box ocean scene’ that we will be using this week to talk about the ocean and water cycle and also a mini blog of pre- Easter activities – I have linked them to the primary home learning activities at STEM if they are helpful to others!

Betsy and Harry ready to sing “All Things Bright and Beautiful”.

Hope you are all doing well. Here is a photo of Sophia, Tabby, and Aurelia legoing! They are enjoying making dinosaur skeletons, Tabby completed the Pteranodon.  This is both educational and good fun.

Keeping fit and practising our Maths. Finally, bedtime where we listened to Mr J's story while mummy had a rest!

James and Emily enjoyed doing their colourful portraits in the style of Picasso!

Today Archie has been making a great big sea collage using felt, real shells, paper, paints, sequins, egg boxes and goggly eyes! He wanted to use the holes in the box to make scary sea sea monster eyes! We all had fun making this!

Archie’s missing all of his friends and teachers! 

Sophie doing her underwater scenery.


Monday 20th April,2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

We absolutely loved your videos! We really miss everyone!  We have attached some pictures of our first morning back home schooling. Reading, education city and Edshed. Daniel did Joe Wickes P.E and AJ chose to do his martial arts.  Can’t wait to see you all, hopefully soon. Love Daniel and AJ x 

Ps we have also attached pictures of AJs martial arts tasks over the Easter holidays. A hedgehog house and a Bug hotel. 

Penny spent the weekend running her ice cream shop in the garden and tending to her plants. Penny misses school lots and is looking forward to seeing all her friends and teachers. Take care everyone, love from Penny x

So far, I have discovered dinosaurs in the garden, built a pirate ship and taught my little sister (Hazel) how to plant seeds. Sam

Hi everyone, hope you are all safe and well. Thank You so much for the messages on the Class Pages, it was lovely to see your faces. Here's a glimpse of what Poppy has been up to over the past 4 weeks...

(Bike rides, Gymnastics, Hockey, Helping on the farm, Playing Pie Face, Doing the ironing, Peeling potatoes, French, Bottling lambs, Reading, Cello practice, Making Hot Cross Buns, Walking the dogs, Baking, Gardening)

Bettsie has been busy making pineapple jelly’s, cutting and measuring. She has also been doing her ‘At the weekend I’ and drawings a picture of her learning to ride her bike without stabilisers. We’ve also been practicing cutting skills.  Hope everyone is well!

Emily really got into the spirit of Dirty Bertie!

It was lovely to see you all on your online messages and it made the girls smile listening to you. 

Here are a few photos of Suki and Skyla over the last few weeks. They have been very busy doing a mixture of academic based learning, cooking and planting veg through to PE work outs with Joe each day, walks and bike rides. They made lots of Easter crafts and we’ve also had birthdays over Easter so we are certainly keeping busy! Thank you to Mr J for Skyla's birthday phone call, it’s the little touches that mean the world. We are missing everyone lots and look forward to seeing you all again soon, take care x

So the boys have been up to a lot of Easter surprisingly!

We have: made biscuits, completed some of our school work; practiced the trombone; made a dinosaur world out of a cardboard box; done lots of gardening; and looked at what birds and animals come into our garden.

Lovely to see the videos of the boys’ teachers on the website. It was very sweet and it made them both smile - I think they miss school very much and even said bye at the end of the video.

Stay safe and thank you for all the work - William and Thomas L.

This is Emily here. We made a start on the topic work today. She used an atlas to identify the continents and oceans on a map, then coloured it in. She’s looking forward to finding out more about the oceans.

Here is Layla’s underwear shoe box. We have made it so that the fish is able to move and she loved making it. We have also played with under water animals in water along with pouring and measuring.  We worked out that the bigger jug is three times as big as the smaller one. 

(Stanley and Angus compilation)

Thank you for your lovely messages and warm wishes via video. We were all really touched by them.  Molly was keen to respond almost instantly with a rainbow for the railings, we have included a little staff challenge for you... I would be willing to donate £10 should you decide to go ahead. We used the ride on our bikes as our daily activity.

We also wanted to share with you the beautiful sewing Molly has done. It was from a creative set originally given to her. A neighbour of ours had to have her birthday party cancelled due to the current situation; Molly decided she wanted to make the cushion to give as a gift to her as a gift. It made us feel very proud.  Thanks again for all you are doing to keep the children safe and smiling.

Day 1 of being back to home-schooling has seemingly gone well! Eleanor did some reading whilst Lilli and Olivia did some work on Education City.

Olivia drew her interpretation of Mummy using Picasso as inspiration. She said she chose this artist because it was colourful and happy like mummy!!

She then went onto read Save Pudding wood. While Lilli and Olivia completed some White Rose maths, Eleanor wrote her weekend news about Easter for Mrs Sizer. Olivia did some comprehension work too!

All in all, a very good day!!  The girls miss you all so much and are enjoying the videos you are posting x

Rory’s bedroom wallpaper has helped him today with the continents and the oceans of the world today.

Here is our Bray Way logo, we did it as a family. Hope you like it! Harry and Lily.

I hope you are well just a few photos of Jessica for the website. Jessica has done lots of letter and number practice today and was absolutely thrilled to wind down with a story from Mr J, thank you so much.

We loved the messages from the teachers, Jacob loved seeing Miss Guild, he had tears in his eyes, he is missing school, friends and teachers. In these photographs Jacob is: enjoying watching the Commotion in the ocean book; Busy helping building a new compost area at the allotment; designing a play park; showing off a collection of their ocean soft toys; identifying the correct coins to buy items from the shop; and weighing and ordering items from lightest to heaviest. 

Saturday 18th April - Sunday 19th April, 2020

 Wow. You have been busy on the final weekend of Easter!

Featured in today's photographs are:

Archie with some outdoor learning.

Harley baking and having some outdoor time.

Jake and Joshua have really enjoyed making a volcano erupt in the garden using baking powder and vinegar. Jake wasn't too keen on the smell afterwards! We really enjoyed watching all the teacher videos. Mrs Rogerson had the boys in giggles. Joshua really enjoyed singing the days of the week song with Mrs Sizer. They both miss you all!

Joseph is missing everyone in Dormice and Field mice, his teachers and Mr Johnson. He’s had lots of fun crafting and being in the garden. Painting the patio with water was lots of fun! We hope everyone is safe and well.
See you all soon, love from Joseph

Jack’s has a lovely few weeks doing lots of fun things like planting sun flowers and decorating our window, making an Easter window and doing lots of riding on his bike. Jack has also done lots of practicing with his reading, phonics and number work and has enjoyed doing PE with Joe Wicks. Jack’s really missing being at school now and missing his friends and his teachers! 

 Photography by Ellie. The children have done Sports & baking.
They were tearful seeing the class videos from their teachers but it was a lovely touch. Thank you.

Lunch break from work for us all. Cheering for our wonderful NHS. On the left is mummy by Miles and on the right is Miles by Louie in the style of Picasso! Working from home and school work is hard. We certainly didn’t stop for Easter! It’s been a little bit now and then when we can. Miles was not impressed to write mummy a shopping list!

Monty made a bug hotel to pop in the garden. Hope the bugs settle well! 

We’ve had a good few weeks together as a family. Loving having so much time to spend with the family. We hope everyone is staying safe and we can’t wait to see everyone again soon. Lots of love Rory and Jesse.

Alfie L hard at work!

Tom getting creative and staying physical.

William on his daily exercise. Walking down by the beck to Wansford. Also, William with the old oak tree at Wansford.


Friday 17th April, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Hello! We have been... 

pizza making; cooking; doing dog bowl joinery; sewing; daffodil dissection; Mod Roc crafting; painting; playing board games; and making a doll house.

We have done a lot more and staying busy! Hope you're well.

Mr. J, We miss you so much and all our friends. We have been very good for mummy - you would be so proud of us.

Lots of Love,  Harry and Lily. x


Thursday 16th April, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

We had a lovely scooter ride out today in the sunshine. We found 6 of your rainbow rocks. Thanks for putting them out. Jake and Joshua loved it. 

Jake and Joshua had a fab time making a bug hotel.  Stay Safe x


Wednesday 15th April, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Some of what we have all been up to the last couple of weeks!
Hope you are all keeping well. The W.s. x


EASTER BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND – 11th April - 13th April, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Nicholas having fun in the garden, playing scrabble and having a physical workout with Joe.

Jacob says Miss Guild likes to bike and he wants to share his news. Jacob is very proud of his race at your own pace 25 miles award that he received for March - Jacob managed to bike 26.7miles for the whole of March!

Jacob helping at the farm and having a cuddle with Rocky the horse and Jacob and his brother Joshua showing off their Easter baking. We had some Easter craft time to finish.

So proud of Ellie teaching and practising Maths with her Foundation and Year 1 students!

Thursday 9th April, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Riley in Foundation class doing his writing, superhero P. E with Joe Wicks and making Play dough planets. 

Hope you are all well and see you soon.
Shelley and Riley

Wednesday 8th April, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Betsy running, reading the Easter Story and working on Education City.

Mia baking her frozen buns measured her eggs and water out. Mia doing her maths and number words.
Imogen baking cookies and doing some English work writing a story.  Imogen drawing a portrait of her sister using Johnathan Yeo. Imogen and Mia with there step brother painting a rainbow for the NHS.

Saturday 4th & 5th April, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Lots of exercise, problem solving, mark-making and a puppet show to finish off. All good here and hope you guys are making your own positive memories -  Joey & Emily x

Aaliyah practicing her handwriting and spelling. She’s missing all her friends and teacher - especially Mrs kitchen and Mrs Guild.

Friday 3rd April, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

George helping little sister Isla with her morning maths!

Jessica: Please Mr J save me a space for gardening club next year!

Thursday 2nd April, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Isabel has spent this morning drawing her dad in the style of Picasso. Isabel said she choose Picasso’s style because it was fun like her dad and didn’t have to be perfect.  We hope you find it as much fun as we did! Love from Isabel.x

Harry, one man and his dog doing some English and Harry, learning life skills, or maybe a trap to catch rabbits, mice or a Grufflalo.

Jacob learning about the life cycle of a sunflower seed and labeling the parts of a plant and showing some broccoli seed that he is growing for the allotment. Then on to some Maths time! 

Dan and Andrew working hard at home, but having lots of fun- science experiments, home cooking and water gun times tables.


Wednesday 1st April, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:
The boys are missing school and everyone there writing a daily diary and enjoying baking, reading and lots of playing and putting lots of different artwork up daily. Hope you're all keeping safe.

Eleanor doing her spelling maze from her CVC word booklet.  Also, here is Olivia reading using the Oxford Owl website and Eleanor reading Kipper's Sing Song!

Here in our household, Emma and Poppy have been doing all different activities. They have taken part in gymnastics with Harry, PE with Joe wicks and done some school work. They are missing school lots and miss seeing their teachers and friends and cannot wait to be back.

Take care everyone and can't wait to see you all soon love Emma and Poppy . x

Tuesday 31st March, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Joe enjoying a cup of tea with his Joe Wicks workout and Emilie creating chalk Artwork outside.

Monday 30th March, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Kizzi is missing everyone lots. Hope you're all keeping safe. Can’t wait to be back (we actually miss school). We haven’t done much school work but we have been painting, scootering, trampolining, Kizzi been riding, gardening so that we could have a bonfire.  Take care and stay safe everyone. 

The boys producing rainbows to show support after a Joe Wicks work out.

Aaliyah breaking her toys out of ice this morning

Dylan getting some fresh air and also painting rainbows.   Jorge reading in the garden, completing number of the day and doing ‘colour by sums’. Jorge learned about Catkins in his reading book and found some on the weeping willow tree that he had planted in our garden.

Hope you’re all keeping safe and well.  Here is Ruby working on Education City!

Hope you are all well? The boys are certainly missing you all at school now.  Both Daniel and AJ did p.e with Joe this morning.   Daniel has been doing a test maths paper. AJ has been making a book about the solar system. Keep safe and take care all of you.

The adventures of Will S!

Saturday & Sunday 28th & 29th March, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Jake and Joshua on a nature trail, colouring rainbows, some maths and PE with Joe.  They are both missing school life but are having a blast at home making memories. 

Take care.

Sophie doing her writing.

Stanley and Angus chalking their rainbow on the side of the house.

As we go into week 2 we have joined the rainbow gang by designing our own and putting them up in our house windows.

Please join us. This strange stormy time will end. We will be stronger.  - Remi & Rafe

Friday 27th March, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

George (6) helping his sister Isla (4) with her morning maths ☺️

Jamie is really missing everyone at school but has been wanting to do lots of work, we've had to makeshift a table as ours is out of action.

Jacob enjoying an afternoon ride out with his Mum. 

Harry and Lilly

Home schooling with a difference - Sebastian and Evelyn

Charlotte and Natasha: Lots of fun and learning in our house this week: an acting class; live streaming; oti mabuse; dance classes whilst FaceTiming friends to join in; board games; building dens; and arts and crafts (and perhaps a little bit of Maths and English too!)    Stay safe.

Dressed in her 'new school uniform', Florence has been busy! I also had to make her and her brother a packed lunch for their dinners! She is missing all her friends at school. Take care everyone.

We hope you are all keeping safe. Nieve is missing school, her teachers and friends so much. We are enjoying our time together as a family though. We have tried to start the day with Joe, then done some education city and baking. Hats off to you teachers!     Thank you for everything you do.

Isabel writing a newspaper article and drawing flowers from the garden. Making Banana bread and practicing her ballet.

Samuel helping Daddy to work. Ryan making a sticky chicken tea.

Thursday 26th March, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Isabella and Alice.

Wednesday 25th March, 2020

Featured in today's photographs are:

Rory and Jesse busy painting their dinosaurs which they moulded themselves this morning whilst mummy works from home.  Hope everyone is well, take care. 

Lauren, Rory and Jesse

Sophie G. showing her creative streak!

Archie’s enjoying cosmic yoga, practising number sentences, choosing the number of the day and picking similar phonemes out of his books. He is missing his school friends and teachers!

Jacob missing school and his friends but we are finding ways to keep busy and incorporating maths into our gardening. Our story time is all about Easter this week.

Ella getting to grips with adding...

Thank you so much for all the resources. The boys are doing well and we have another outdoor lesson planned this afternoon. Here are some pictures of our days so far...

Will and Alex.

Here’s a few Photos of Finley keeping busy whilst off school.

Samuel has been busy so far this week with learning to tell the time, making a minibeast habitat, growing our own vegetables and using online resources.  Hope you are all keeping safe from Jen and Samuel.

Few photos from past couple of days, keep fit, baking, Ava working on her Solar System, Autumn watching a phonics lesson from Ruth Miskin :-)
Thank you so much for the letter of encouragement from Mr Johnson, I'm so proud to say my girls are a part of Nafferton School.
Stay Safe, Much Love from us.

Molly has been playing schools today with her beanieboos! We have also been writing a story together.
Thanks for all the care you are each continuing to give.
Stay well.

This week i have been gardening. I have been digging a border around our tree – Callum

We found a nice walk with nobody else around to enjoy the sunshine for a half hour! - Daniel and AJ

I hope you’re all staying safe. Isabel is missing everyone. Izzy is working on writing a newspaper article for the Driffield & Wolds Weekly. She has also taken a photo of some flowers in the garden and is drawing them from the photo. Here she has taken a photo of some flowers in the garden and is drawing them from the photo.


Older Photographs - March, 2020

Featured in this group of photographs are:

Rory and Jesse busy painting their dinosaurs which they moulded themselves this morning whilst mummy works from home.   Hope everyone is well, take care. 

Layla working from home.   Cup of tea whilst waiting for education city to load!

Hope you are all well?  Evie making bread so we don't have to go to the shop!

Emma - Keep dancing (stretching!!)

Harrison trying to work.

Art class with Ellie, Joshua and Oliver in the garden.

New arrivals! Goslings. 

Olivia and the girls.

Isla's virtual lesson with her guitar teacher on FaceTime and Alfie & Isla learning new hoverboard skills.

Monty drawing the solar system.

William drawing outdoors

Freya - Number work @homelearning

Phoebe and Oscar doing workouts on the trampoline and going for a hike and picnic around Kilham. Phoebe says learning at home with a cup of tea is the way forward.

Rose & Claudia - gardening club!

Harry & Lily: day 1 they hated each other... now they have realised they only have each other to play with. Came down today and said they are best friends

Alfie & Isla - The gang at home and Joe Wicks workout completed!

Louie & Miles

Archie & Daisy - They are missing school and their friends terribly but we are doing our best to keep some routine x 

Noah and George - Attached are pictures of the boys doing Joe Wicks P.E., planting vegetable seeds in the greenhouse, and creating a pond/habitat area for 6 frogs we found in the garden yesterday.

Anna and Imogen - Outdoor cooking (beans on toast), baking, potion making, chalking and crafts. Only a little bit of our fun so far.

Chloe and Zach working from home.

William, enjoying the outdoors.