Year 5

Forest Schools 12 March

Forest Schools 5 March

Forest School on 28 February 

Our visit to Mars!  We wrote the opening of our adventure story surrounded by Martian inspiration

W/C 20th January 2020

Topic work - We learnt about Geocentrism and Heliocentrism in beliefs - we also played the part of important astronomers in a dramatisation.

RE - sorting cards into religious and non-religious lifestyle personal choices or sacrifices.

Hidden Horizons came to visit us with their incredible space dome!

Football with Mr Meade

Speed Dating with planets!

Week 3 geography using Atlases to find European countries and their capital cities

Reading focus - predicting what would happen in our class read - George and the Blue Moon



In year 5 and 6 Madam Cawthorn asked the children to write a postcard in French to our twinned school in Millau, France.  They introduced themselves and discussed their opinions of colours and pets.  We are hoping for a reply soon.  Excellent Francais!

RE Debate - is the true meaning of Christmas still alive?

Bah Humbug Performance

Building circuits as part of our DT project, the finished circuits are to go inside our houses that we're building!

Here we are building simple circuits while investigating conductors, insulators and switches in science.

In maths we are learning to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000

Kestrels first tennis lesson

Glazing poppies with Miss Palmer

Science lesson - testing air resistance


Final session of gymnastics

Y5 Pottery Class with Miss Palmer

Kestrels and Buzzards had a special guest visit from Miss Palmer who came in to teach ceramics to the Year 5 children as part of a art project.  They made ceramic poppies which will form part of a remembrance project in November.