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Mr J's Messages


This is a virtual space to view Mr Johnson's key video messages during this time for our children and parents.

What's  new  this  week? (updated: 28.6.20)

As the website updates regularly, there are some uploads we want you to know about. Here's a regular updated section that tells you what's fresh this week. This will be deleted on the Monday and then updated on a daily basis:

Learning at Home, 2020 (Friday 19th-26th June) + Learning at Home, Children's Media Uploads

Class Bubble Pictures (Class pages, various)


Other notes: Updates to certain pages introductions. 


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22.6.20: "Good morning Nafferton"

18.6.20: Assembly

5.6.20: Friday update from Mr J...

31.5.20: Mr Johnson looking forward to the new half term...

(25.5.20) ABOVE:

From the 1st of June, please see above the pictures of classrooms. Please also note: This is not Nafferton Primary School as you know it. 

We will return stronger than before, brighter than before but as loving as before. Enjoy your half term break  - Mr J. 

22.5.20: Friday update. Have a lovely half term...

Year 6 Hoodies can be collected from gates (1pm-2pm) tomorrow (22.5.20)

17.5.20: A Sunday check-in from Mr J...

15.5.20: Your Weekly Update...a little differently!

15.5.20: Something to boost your spirits...

11.5.20: Deputy Head (Mrs Bray) puts Mr Meade in the hot seat & has a message...

8.5.2020: VE Day Message from Mr Johnson...

8.5.20: VE Day special from a special friend of Nafferton...

Thursday 8th May: "Mr Johnson closing message for this week"

Hymn Sing Intro

Pack up Your Troubles

Run Rabbit Run

We'll Meet Again

Hymn Singing Outro

Monday 4th May, 2020: Above is the hymn singing sessions to supplement the VE Song sheet below. The songs have been recorded individually for you to learn at your discretion. "Hear you later!"

 VE-day post and song sheet.pdfDownload
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Above is the VE-day song sheet for the words to learn for the songs on this important date in history.

Friday 1st May, 2020: "Mr Johnson reflects on the week and looks forward with Mrs Bray."

Friday 24th April, 2020:  "Mr Johnson's closing message for this week with Deputy Head, Mrs Bray"

PDF format of Hymns in the Village...

We will commence singing at 11 a.m next Tuesday when the church chimes stops on the 11th chime.

We won't 'see you there', but instead we'll 'hear you there'!

Word Document format of Hymns in the Village...

Tuesday, 11 a.m., on your doorsteps!

Monday 20th April: "10 Stories..."

Monday 20th April: "Tuesday, be outside ready to sing. Wait for the bell and we will begin!"

Monday 20th April: "Send in your rainbows"

Monday 20th April: "Good morning, Nafferton Primary School."

Mr Johnson escapes his house for a couple of minutes and thanks the staff...

A message from Mr Johnson (19th April, 2020)