Nafferton Primary School

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Skylarks Y3/4



Class photographs

Our school council

French December phrase of the week

DT - Making a stringed instrument

Harvest Hill

Debate - Seth v Honus

Forest School at Burton Agnes

French conversations

Forest school session 3 

Guided Reading - Short stories from Ancient Egypt - using drama to re-tell the Ancient Egyptian Creation Story

Comparing the Ancient Egyptian Creation story with the Christian Creation Story

Gymnastics - week 4

Forest school session 2 

Art - creating Papyrus paper for topic book front covers.

 Exploring our Forest School area, learning to tie the figure of eight knot and reef knot and identifying trees.

Representing negative numbers on a number line.

Autumn harvest walk around the village.

Mr Cawthorn talking about the harvest at Muntons Malt

Gymnastics week 3

Guided reading - book in an envelope

Maths - practical place value

Circle time - A is for Aspiration

Investigating historical artefacts

Gymnastics week 1

'Show me' game - Roman numerals in maths