Tuesday 23rd June, 2020

Robins Bubble photographs: 

  1. Stickman - we made our own Stickmen
  2. Our homemade super hero spoons
  3. Our ships which we created in pairs and then tested to discover if the floated or sunk.


19.6.20 - Message for Year 2

18.5.20: Miss Searby reads 'Superworm', by Julia Donaldson

11.5.20: Miss Whelan reads 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' , by Sarah Roberts

Mrs Rothwell reads Commotion in the Ocean, by Giles Andreae.

Please listen to it in order to complete the homework.

A message from Miss Whelan to the Robins...

A lovely design from Mrs Greenlaw to the Robins...



Our felt aliens

W/C 27th January 2020

Materials experiment

Slime Workshop 


Scooter training

Making contractions

History - Herbal remedies

Forest School - building dens

Victorian Day 

Robins DT bread making

Robins DT bread tasting

Robins Forest School session

History artefact investigation


Representing numbers to 100