Nafferton Primary School

"Where Childhood Matters"



Our Mission Statement

Our classroom is a happy and friendly place.

We promise to be helpful and hardworking, to keep the classroom tidy and to always try our best.

We will try to be resilient when things are hard and become more independent.


DT - making African inspired instruments

Spring week 1

What a week! The children have been amazing coming in and getting used to new routines again.

Here are a few photographs to show what we have been doing. They show circle time, cosmic yoga and we made clay hedgehogs to go with our English work.

Christmas Class Album 2020

Science experiments based on everyday materials

Artwork based on Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Autumn poems


Some images from our autumn walk around the village.

Gymnastics from week 3 and week 5

Partitioning numbers into different combinations of tens and ones.

Creating number lines

King Charles II portraits

Investigating artefacts from the past

Representing numbers in different ways

Gymnastics week 1

Our Robins homework