Nafferton Primary School

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Bubble Promise

We promise…

To wash our hands when we come in.

To stay away from people not in our bubble.

To try not to touch our faces or other people.

To remember to use the correct bins.

To not share our packs, always put our belongs away once we have used them and keep our tables tidy.

To be kind!

Our house teams

Hedge planting

Wednesday 21st April 2021

This afternoon we gathered around a fire lit in our Forest School area to learn about the significance of oral story telling in Native American Indian culture. We had a special visitor, ‘Pochahontas’, who shared with the children the Apache belief of how fire was spread among the earth. She orally retold ‘The Origin of Fire’ folk tale around the fire. The children observed how to confidently orally re-tell a story from memory and how to make it entertaining for the people listening. ‘Pochahontas’ used different volumes, paces and emotions in her voice, along with actions and facial expressions to captivate the listeners. The children will be learning another folk tale tomorrow to orally re-tell in groups.

Swallows orally re-telling a Native American Indian tale

Cricket on the field

Topic Launch - North America 


Stone Age Boy guided reading

Enjoying the Bray Way

Year 3/4 at Forest School

Ancient Egyptians

Mary Anning and Rocks Topic


3D shapes - from nets

DT - Our instruments

Our instruments - the making!

Forest school - Bonfire art and knots 


Harvest Hill

Guided reading - Ancient Egypt drama

Handstands and springboards

Mr Cawthorn talking about Harvest at Muntons Malt


Place value

Book in an envelope

Investigating the artefacts in our museum box

Some pictures from gymnastics

Our School Council