Monday 6th July
Here are a few pictures from last week for the Year 3 bubble. 


Tuesday 23rd June, 2020

Here's a few of our adventures and doings this week in our Bubble! A few of our displays and our classroom and the Bray way time. Also we had our handmade ancient photo frames to showcase our sorting hat pictures.  Then we have some images of the children collecting magical ingredients for potions. In the final ones  images, we are making our potions!

22.6.20: A message for the Swallows...

A message from Mrs Cooper to the Swallows...

A message from Mrs Kane to the Swallows....

World Book Day

Space Dance

Pizza Fractions 

Life on Mars

Fortunately, the Milk - acting

W/C 20th January 2020

Papier mache planets - part one

Guided reading

Chinese whispers

Top secret mission! 

We went searching for NASE after finding a job application.  Could it be in Mr Johnson's office?

Final forest schools - knives, fires and musical instruments

Rugby - week 4

Forest School - fires and knots

Forest school - tree identifying

Forest school - knot tying

Rugby Week Two

Rugby Week One

Children in Need

Victorian Day

Soup Making

Performance Poetry - Inside the Chimney High I Climb

Gymnastics - The Final Week!

Guided Reading - Oliver Twist

Handstands, forward rolls and wheelbarrows

Magnets - making a compass

Gymnastics - forward rolls, backward rolls and stretches

What is friction?  Investigating with surfaces and cars.

Placing numbers on blank numberlines


Playdough - forces.  What is a push and a pull?