Year 4


Science - we have been learning how to make a simple circuit and what makes a good conductor

Our Design and Technology Project - We made a Christmas tree decoration. We used cross stitch. We designed our own pattern chose our own colours. We then finished it off by sewing on a felt backing

Art - As part of our Victorians topic work, we have been learning about William Morris' style of artwork

Forest Schools - We have been learning about shelters, fire-lighting, knot tying and bush craft skills

PE - Gymnastics - We have been using the skills we learnt with Harry to carry on our PE lessons and piece together our own routines

PE - Gymnastics - We have been working with our coaches Harry and Zach from HSSS to learn lots of new and exciting gymnastics skills

Science - Friction - We have been investigating the friction between shoes and different surfaces

Science - Gravity- We have been learning about gravity and how much effort it takes to lift objects. We found out that we all use the same amount of effort to lift a tyre but that some people find it easier

Science - Magnets - We have been investigating how magnets attract and repel

Wrens Forest School