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Welcome to Nafferton Primary


We are delighted to welcome you to our website.

It is our aim to develop a successful partnership with you so that your child is given every possible opportunity to succeed and excel. Nafferton School is a setting where children’s learning is valued and their knowledge, experience, creativity, self-expression, imagination and understanding can flourish. We provide a foundation for life in a happy, safe, high achieving school, where all individuals have high expectations of themselves, respect each other and strive to do their very best. We are a school which the whole school community are proud to belong to and be a part of - children, staff, parents and governors.

Nafferton provides a learning environment that is conducive to high standards of work and behaviour and where children can learn to be gradually independent and thrive. We deliver an exciting creative curriculum with a focus on achievement, while inspiring a love of learning and nurturing the whole child.  Our aim is to inspire each child to develop a lifelong love of learning.

We hope you will find the information on our website helpful. However, it is impossible to convey the friendly, caring atmosphere of the school or the commitment and enthusiasm of the staff. The only way is to see for yourself.

Attendance figures for the Spring Term 2023-24:

Week 1: Dormice and Kingfishers - 100%! Well done!







Attendance figures for the Spring Term 2023-24:

Week 10: Wrens - 98.9%

Week 9: Ospreys - 99.1%

Week 8: Wrens - 98.6%

Week 7: Goldcrests - 100%! Well done!

Week 6: Ospreys - 100% Well done!

Week 5: Buzzards - 100%! Well done!

Week 4: Ospreys - 98.2%

Week 3: Kestrels - 98.7%

Week 2: Fieldmice - 100%! Well done!

Week 1: Kingfishers - 99.1%


Attendance figures for the Autumn Term 2023-24:

Week 15: Wrens - 98.5%

Week 14: Dormice - 99.5%

Week 13: Kingfishers and Wrens - 99.3%

Week 12: Dormice - 99.5%

Week 11: Wrens - 98.9%

Week 10: Swallows - 99.2%

Week 9: Fieldmice and Swallows - 100%


Week 8: Robins: 99.2%

Week 7: Kingfishers: 99.3%

Week 6: Kestrels - 99.8%

Week 5: Fieldmice - 100%! Well done!

Week 4: Dormice and Kestrels - 100%! Well done!

Week 3: Dormice - 100%! Well done!

Week 2: Swallows - 100%! Well done!

Week 1: Fieldmice and Kingfishers - 100%! Well done!


We celebrate attendance each week with our children.  


Our Events


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