Nafferton Primary School

"Where Childhood Matters"

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Westgate, Nafferton, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 4LJ

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“Where Childhood Matters”

Here at Nafferton Primary School each child is valued for what they bring to the school and community. A child needs to be allowed to be a child, creating memories for life. We are committed to developing the whole child. We offer an education that is rooted in the traditions and values of England with a spirit of tolerance and respect for the individual.   Our children will have the opportunity to be creative, to be physically active and to be academically challenged.  Aspirations and expectations are high for our children to ensure they become active, responsible and caring members of the school and society.  

The school works towards this by:

  • Promoting high-quality learning and exceptional attainment;
  • Providing a high-quality curriculum, enrichment activities and a high-quality learning environment that stimulates and celebrates learning;
  • Promoting an effective partnership with parents and the community;
  • Providing consistency of teaching and learning throughout the school;
  • Enabling teachers to teach as effectively as possible, with the ability to use their own professional judgement;
  • Giving children the skills they require to become effective learners who relate new concepts to previous experiences. 

We achieve many of our goals through our HARVEST logo and our Yorkshire Spirit initiative

H is for happiness                                                

A is for aspiration

R is for respect

V is for values

E is for endeavour

S is for success

T is for togetherness

We aim for the children to demonstrate initiative and take increasing responsibility for their own learning by;

  • Independently organising their own learning resources and are quickly able to begin their work;
  • Using their individual learning targets to assess their own work, and those of other children, against the lesson’s steps to success, thinking of ways to improve their work;
  • Having the opportunity to plan and direct their own learning;
  • Having access to clearly labelled resources and being able to select and use them with increasing independence;
  • Developing their research and questioning skills using a variety of resources;
  • Independently using the core values and skills taught and applying them appropriately to each task and or area of the curriculum.
  • Encouraging children to manage their own emotions and relationships.  


At Nafferton, we believe that children learn best when:

  • They form positive relationships with their teacher, peers and other members of the school community;
  • They are working in an environment which is safe, caring, supportive and stimulating;
  • They have clear direction and are praised for all the good things that they do;
  • They are actively involved in their learning at an appropriate level to match their learning needs;
  • They are encouraged to become increasingly independent learners;
  • They are appropriately challenged with learning experiences which are relevant to their lives and interests and are inspiring, motivating and engaging;
  • Their learning is well structured, delivered and effectively differentiated;
  • Children know exactly what is expected of their social and learning behaviours through high expectations from their teacher and other adults with particular reference to the School’s HARVEST values, rules and individual class rules. 

Outdoor Learning - experiences remembered for a lifetime!

We believe that every child should experience the world beyond the classroom.  The outdoor environment has huge potential for providing learning opportunities. We are extremely fortunate to be set in large grounds and surrounded by an environment rich in opportunities and we make full use of our local area.