Members of Staff

School Staff List

Our staff list will give you an overview of who works in our school along with their 
duties and responsibilities.

Nafferton Primary School Staff List

Mr P Johnson – Headteacher


Teaching Staff:

Mrs A Bray - Deputy Headteacher, Year 5/6 Teacher & KS2 Leader (part time)
Mrs A Kitchen - Year 5/6 Teacher (part time)
Mr D Meade – Year 5/6 Teacher 
Mrs E Rothwell - Year 5/6 Teacher
Mr A Saltonstall - Year 3/4 Teacher
Miss T Guild - Year 3/4 Teacher & SENCo 
Mr H Grazier – Year 3/4 Teacher
Mrs K Sizer – Year 2 Teacher 
Mrs C Kernaghan – Year 2 Teacher 
Miss J Searby - Year 1 Teacher 
Miss H Whelan - Foundation Teacher & KS1 & Foundation leader

Miss B Brown - Foundation Teacher 
Mrs R Rogerson - Foundation/Year 3/4 Teacher (part time)

Mrs E Cawthorn - Year 3/4 Teacher (currently on maternity leave)



Teaching Assistants:

Mrs V Ayre
Mrs A Bateman
Mrs F Caithness

Mrs K Dewhirst
Mrs J Dodgeon
Mrs W Greenlaw
Mrs M Holman 
Mrs R Kane
Miss L May
Mr D Murray
Mrs K Parsons
Mrs A Stinson
Mrs A Pierrepont
Mrs J Young


Administration Staff:

Mrs R Smith – School Business Manager
Mrs H Marrison – Administration Officer

Mrs M Watson - Admin Assistant


Data Protection Officer

School Business Manager


Lunchtime Staff:

Mrs J Barron - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs V Ayre
Miss M Coutts
Mrs W Greenlaw
Mrs J Murfin
Mrs C Sixsmith
Mrs H Stagg
Mrs A Stinson 

Kitchen Staff:

Mrs T Nicholson – Cook
Mrs M Peat – Assistant Cook
Mrs J Barron
Mrs L Blackburn
Mrs S Coutts
Mrs J Gravil


Caretaker & Cleaners:

Mr E Ward – Caretaker

Mrs H Stagg
Miss E Carr
Mrs C Sixsmith