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Pasty making

Science - today we investigated the effect of increasing the load on a circuit. We found that when adding extra load, more strain was placed on the battery.

Music - we moved onto our second Jazz unit of the term and began to play Bacharach’s Anorak

English - we have been picking apart a dodgy diary entry to help us identify the features.

Poetry Week - we learnt Robert Louis Stevenson’s From a Railway Carriage

Science - we started our work on electricity. The children recapped on the symbols used when constructing a circuit and drew their own series circuit. At the end of the session, children had a go at making their own circuit

Spelling - this week we have been investigating double consonants. We found that when a word contained a double consonant, it had a short vowel sound before

Science - we conducted an investigation into filtering and sieving where we attempted to separate a mixture

PE - Final Gymnastics session - applying the skills we have learnt into a routine

Science - This week we conducted an experiment into the best thermal insulator. We collated our results in a table and then created a graph

RE - Our RE focus this term is Hinduism, we read a Hindu story and created a freeze frame to accompany it

Music - In music we have been learning the three note bosa on the glockenspiel

Guided Reading - Children were debating which attribute was the most important during the Rainhill Trials