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Cooking club ran weekly for Year 5 and Year 6 children.

It has now finished, children had a wonderful time - here are some pictures of the fun times had!

Christmas biscuits.

Examples of the club in a few words...


Chocolate Crunch

This went well, crunch set and chocolate covered all cornflakes.

Next time: Take more care melting the chocolate, be gentle whilst stirring as its hard work removing chocolate off the tiles at the back of the hob!


Peppermint Cream

Some shapes went a bit flat.

Learnings – drip the peppermint essence into the mixture – don’t pour it in! Minty breath!

Next time, wait until peppermint creams are set before dipping into melted chocolate.



Fudge did not set!

The flavour is incredible, really yummy, but that could be down to the extremely high sugar content!

Texture is good, looks and tastes like caramel, but not fudge. Tried to fridge set and the following day freezer set - neither worked!

Next time, the fudge liquid needs to reach 1115c for 10 minutes and bubble. This proved difficult as the mixture would bubble and burn skin. Possibly did not allow mixture to reach suitable temperature.

Recommend to place on a biscuit, dip in chocolate and make a 'Twix' style biscuit, or spoon a little of the mixture onto ice cream.

Warning – high sugar content!


Rocky Road

WOW WOW WOW - this was fantastic!


We have a great time with the Cooking Club/science experiments! We even have learnt how to wash, dry and quality check pots and pans, and learnt what happens when you place a marshmallow in the microwave (not to be tried at home!).