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Mini Police

Ten pupils from Year 5 have been enrolled as Humberside Mini-Police Officers.

The Year 5 pupils are working alongside Humberside Police Driffield based Rural Task Force over an 8 week period to learn more about the countryside and the laws that are in place to make it a pleasant and safe place to reside in.

The children applied for their roles, and made their Countryside Promise and have been issued uniforms before starting their new role.  

During their first lesson, they started with an attestation where the children made their Countryside Promise. The children also received their uniform - made up of a lanyard, hi-viz tabard and a mini police hat. They then went out on patrol around the village. The children are looking forward to working alongside the Police for the next few weeks. 


Lesson 1

Attestation and Countryside Code

Lesson 2 

Diversity and Discrimination

Lesson 3 

Social Responsibility

Lesson 4 

School Parking and Speeding

Lesson 5 

Safe Strangers

Lesson 6 

Fatal Four and Road Safety

Lesson 7 

Investigation ASB/Crime - visit to Bridlington Police Station 

Lesson 8 

Crime Scene

Passing our celebration with Dog Handler, Fire Arms, Riot Van and Traffic Police in attendance. 

Mini Police visited Bridlington Police Station.

For the last session the children covered crime scene investigation, followed by their passing out and visits form the Traffic, Firearms and Dog Section.