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Languages at Nafferton School

At Nafferton School, our chosen modern foreign language to teach is French. We have created our own scheme of work for KS2 including: an annual focus French story, units from the Twinkl Scheme and The Language Gym. We also use the Take 10 Phonics scheme to support the teaching of French stories. Our French work is planned over a two-year cycle. Foundation Stage and KS1 have a termly focus that is taught through stories and songs. Our aim with the French curriculum, is to ensure children develop a love for learning languages and appreciate the French culture.

Our twin school in Millau, regularly communicate with us and KS2 classes have the opportunities to work collaboratively on twin school projects and have video calls to ask the children about their lives in France.

At Nafferton, we also celebrate languages in our environments around school with the aim to fully immerse children in language learning opportunities. We have an inviting French area, where children are encouraged to have a go at the French task of the week, help themselves to French books and games from our very own ‘bibliothèque’ and look at children’s work on display.

Our canteen is a French square with many French shopfronts beautifully painted on the walls. Children can read vocabulary with each ‘shop front’ while enjoying their lunch. Key conversational phrases and the daily menu are displayed in French to encourage children to ask for their lunch and use their manners in the target language.

In our Friday celebration sharing assembly, Madame Cawthorn shares ‘The French Phrase of the Week’ with the whole school, that the children and staff are encouraged to use around the school the following week. French assemblies are led by Mrs Cawthorn as part of the assembly rota. These could be to teach the whole school a new French song or about important events or celebrations in France , such as Tour de France, European Day of Languages, Easter and Christmas in France.

Every year we celebrate Bastille Day as a whole school event, with a French breakfast and rotation of French language and cultural activities. We try to involve our Twin school in Millau, the Bridlington – Millau Twinning Association and Driffield Secondary School in our Languages celebrations, to arrange visitors when available.

Other language learning opportunities in our school life also include the Chinese Whispers Project in Yr 4 and KS1 French club. Some Humanities topics open doors to learning different languages such as Italian and Swahili.

FS & KS1 Long term plan

KS2 Long term plan