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Computing and Internet Safety at Nafferton

From Mr Meade, subject lead:


Here at Nafferton Primary School, we aim to build well-rounded, resilient learners who are both competent and confident at using a range of technology. Children will leave Nafferton School with the skills to complete a range of technological tasks while prioritising their online safety.

Due to the growing scale of computing within the wider world, there is an increased level of importance in equipping children with the correct skills and confidence to succeed when using technology in later life. We have designed a comprehensive computing curriculum that empowers our students to apply their skills creatively and effectively in alignment with the National Curriculum.

At Nafferton School, our students are capable of engaging with computers effectively. They can log in, save their work, and edit previously saved documents. In addition to this, we are deeply committed to their online safety; we host dedicated Internet Safety sessions at the beginning of each academic half term, complemented by an entire week dedicated to this important topic during the academic year.

By the time children leave Nafferton Primary School they should be able to:

  • Independently access a computer in school
  • Choose an appropriate piece of software to complete a task
  • Access previously saved work
  • Know how to keep themselves and others safe whilst using technology
  • Understand how to design, write and debug programs

Message from Mr Meade

Computing/internet safety overview