Jess Searby, Subject Leader
Jess Searby, Subject Leader

Nafferton Primary School has a fantastic and enthused attitude towards music. We are a singing and performing school with many school musical performances every year. A few of these include the Harvest festival, Easter celebration and the Nativity. The whole school enjoy weekly hymn singing and we provide many alternative music opportunities as we continue to share our love of music. From Year 2 upwards, each year group receives a wider musical opportunity for the duration of a term. Year 2s begin with ocarina lessons, Year 3s learn to play the recorder, in Year 4, children learn to sing in Chinese in partnership with Hull University and the Confucius Project. For music in Year 5, children are taught to play the ukulele and in Year 6, pupils are taught to play the steel pans. Alongside singing, performing and wider musical opportunities, we invite the Schools’ Music Service to provide additional music lessons in a given instrument.

Chinese Whispers Concert at Hull University

Rehearsal of Chinese Whispers Concert

29.6.20: Miss Searby has a message...

Muisc Home learning Week 4 - 4th May, 2020 - Miss Searby and using your instruments...

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