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Design and Technology

Paul Johnson, Subject Leader
Paul Johnson, Subject Leader

Our Design and Technology curriculum at Nafferton aims to develop pupils’ design and technology skills to foster creativity and imagination when designing, making and evaluating a range of differing products. Pupils will become inspired to develop creative products that add value and impact to the world. They will master practical skills across a range of design methods, in addition to having a solid understanding of the design process and how to research and take inspiration from existing products.

By teaching a range of concepts through different contexts, children will be able to link their knowledge to have a better understanding of effective product design and creation.

What do we want our Naffertonian technicians to know, understand and be able to do before they leave Year 6?

  1. To be able to solve ‘real-life’ challenges, using their understanding and application of skills taught.
  2. To be able to plan projects carefully, analysing existing products, creating prototypes, carrying out market research, and creating detailed graphical designs.
  3. To create a quality product which they are then able to evaluate.
  4. To learn the principles of nutrition and healthy eating.
  5. To develop a love of cooking, sustainability and seasonality.
  6. To understand basic food hygiene, cutting and preparation skills and cooking skills to create and design a range of dishes that adhere to different dietary requirements and traditional cuisines.