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School admission arrangements for the

2025-26 school year

Nafferton Primary School


As a community school, the admission authority for Nafferton School is East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  Each year admission authorities review the admission arrangements for their schools, and then formally set – or ‘determine’ – these arrangements.  Admission arrangements include the number of places made available for Reception – called the published admission number – as well as how preferences for places will be considered if there are more preferences than places available – called the oversubscription criteria.  Together these details are sometimes known as the ‘admissions policy’. 

If an admission authority wants to make any changes to their admission arrangements, the admission authority must consult on any proposed changes to those arrangements before determining the arrangements.  Even where changes are not proposed, a consultation must take place at least every seven years.

As some changes are proposed this year, between Wednesday 11 October and Thursday 30 November, the Council is consulting on the admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools for the 2025-26 school year.  All these draft arrangements are available online at: 

School admission arrangements for 2025-26 (

Whilst the vast majority of the admission arrangements for 2025-26 are procedurally identical to those for previous years, six schools, including Nafferton Primary School, have requested a change to their admission number for the start of the 2025-26 school year.

The change proposed at Nafferton Primary School is to increase the admission number from 40 to 45.  If approved, this change would not come into force for the year group starting in September 2024, but only from September 2025.

Changes this year include some changes to comply with a recent ruling of a Schools Adjudicator into the admission arrangements of a local academy trust in the summer of 2023. As the admission arrangements of that trust were related to those of the Council there has been a need for the Council to also look into its own arrangements. This has involved varying existing admission arrangements to comply with the adjudication, but also to make amendments to future admission arrangements such as those for 2025-26 that are to be consulted on and determined this year. Whilst most of the findings of the adjudicator were improving the clarity of arrangements and improving wording, one more substantial change was to the criterion in the admission arrangements for children who attend a ‘feeder school’ when seeking to progress into a linked junior or secondary school. The adjudicator found that the previous wording and application of this criterion to only apply to children who had attended a feeder school for several years was unreasonable, and therefore instructed its amendment. From that adjudication, attendance at a named feeder school will no longer take account of for how long a child has attended a feeder school. This change is also reflected in all these policy documents.

In terms of other documents and admission arrangements, minor changes have been made this year to clarify in these arrangements what happens when a parent/carer moves home during an admissions application; that head teachers as well as governors may request to vary the number of available ‘in-year’ school places in a particular year group; and clarify what process the Council will follow where there is disagreement between parent/carers when making conflicting preferences for their child’s education.


During this period the Council are interested in the views of any residents, schools, parents/carers or other interested parties, and would ask that all views be expressed via the online survey accessible from the page link above and also at: 

School admissions consultation 2025-26 (

There are two different types of admissions – those to start school at the ‘normal’ time for the start of the Reception, and those for places in other year groups or at any other time – these are called ‘in-year’ applications for school places. In-year applications are made when a child is already attending one school and the parent/carers wish to move their child from one school to another, and/or when a family moves to a different area and needs a new school place for their child(ren).
The admission authority for our school is the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and admissions applications are co-ordinated by the Council.
If you would like to visit the school when considering making an application, please call the school office on 01377 254307 to arrange a visit.

How do I apply for a ‘normal’ school place for my child?
Applications to start our school for the first time, for the start of Reception should be made direct to the Local Authority in which you live by the deadline for applications. Late applications will be considered after those submitted by the deadline, often when there are no places available so it is important that you apply on-time.

If you live in East Riding of Yorkshire Council area, then you can find more information about ‘normal’ admissions processes, deadlines, details of the appeal process and other information at If you live outside the East Riding, you should apply to your ‘home’ Local Authority and not East Riding of Yorkshire Council.
There is no supplementary information form when applying for a place at our school.

How do I apply for an ‘in-year’ school place for my child?
Applications for ‘in-year’ school places are made through the local authority’s co-ordinated admissions scheme for in-year applications, and should be made direct to the Local Authority no earlier than one term before the place is required, and it is recommended that you apply no later than a period of twenty school days, that is four weeks in term time, before you wish for the place to be available for your child. Applications are considered in the order that they have been received, for example if there is one space available in a year group, the parent/carer who applied for their place first will likely be allocated the place for their child. Proof of residence may be required before places can be allocated, and the school fully adheres to the East Riding Fair Access Protocol. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application as soon as is possible, though this is commonly ten school days after an application has been received, but may be later in certain circumstances.
If you live in East Riding of Yorkshire Council area, then you can find more information about ‘in-year’ admissions processes, and details of the co-ordinated admissions scheme at where you can also find and download an application form along with details of how to appeal for a school place where you have been refused. If you live outside the East Riding, you should apply to your ‘home’ Local Authority and not East Riding of Yorkshire Council.
There is no supplementary information form when applying for a place at our school.

Who makes decisions on school admissions applications?
The admissions authority for the school is the Council, who make admissions decisions based on information provided by the school such as the capacity of the class/year group and the number of pupils already on roll.

Where can I find a copy of the admission arrangements for the school?
As the admissions authority for the school is the Council, the admission arrangements for the school are set by the Council alongside those that apply for all other community and voluntary controlled schools. You can view these arrangements for the current and some future school years on the Council’s website at

Who should I contact with queries on school admissions?
You can contact the East Riding School Admissions Team by email at, by writing to School Admissions Team, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Beverley, HU17 9BA. You can also call 01482 392100 in school hours.